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Naturally, because this is a Power Rangers fanfiction, during some of the more awesome scenes, one could totally put on some Ron Wasserman tunes while reading. In fact, that's exactly what J.A. Phillips did while writing!

  • In the seventh chapter, 'Ten Rangers Enter, Five Rangers Leave', the Gaia Rangers take on the Doppelganger Lightless and four Blots taking on the form of the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. The fight is every bit as epic as it sounds, with the Gaia Rangers just managing to beat the fakes, and thus the Doppelganger never got beyond Thunderdome.
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  • Patrick in the ninth chapter. Pretty much one big love letter to how awesome he is.
  • In the eleventh chapter, Jowar Morphs into the Wizard Ranger and proceeds to curb-stomp a literal army of monsters, due to their vulnerability to Jowar's Light element.
  • In the twelfth chapter, the team manages to take on a group of Blots unmorphed, and Nikki defeats a monster that's absorbed their powers on her own after she'd previously suffered a Heroic BSoD.
  • The majority of the twenty-first chapter is one epic battle, but the final duel between Patrick and Darkea pretty much steals the show. Darkea is particularly impressive, keeping up with Patrick even while he's assumed Mineral Mode.
  • The final battle with Walker in the twenty-second chapter. The Rangers go straight to Mineral Mode and pull out every trick they've got. The giant battle also showcases the Zords using their best attacks, and even features a giant robot and a giant monster SUPLEXING EACH OTHER. In the end, the Rangers are only able to beat Walker with a little outside help that allowed them to call upon their best Zord combinations.
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  • The three-part start to Season 2, Always A Ranger. Everyone gets a good moment in, be it emotional or badass, including the villains.

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