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Main continuity:
  • From the very first episode: Sean gets a glance of some robots attacking a group of schoolgirls; so he and Kevin jump out of a limo to fight them. They wipe the pavement with them. We instantly get an idea of who they are.
  • Episode 17; ALL of it.
  • The first episode, where Sean and Kevin show off just how Badass they are against beating the crap out of a multitude of Swabots. The Redux version of this scene is even better.
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  • Episode 25, fittingly called "Mandla's Finest Hour". He shows he's not a Replacement Scrappy and kicks the crap out of Zordonian soldiers and Swabots.
  • Episode 4, where the Rangers are fighting Rashon's court. The Zordonians have the advantage at first, but Sean shouts "WE'RE NOT DONE YET!!", the Rangers fight back, and win.
    Sean: (To Rashon): "Welcome to Earth... Bitch.
  • The arrival of the Silver Ranger in episode 25. Gargotron had the GPX and Flash Rangers down for the count when someone in a trenchcoat shows up, morphs, and beats Gargotron! Okay, so maybe Gargotron didn't have the guy's fight data, but it was still impressive.
  • Actually, forget Episode 17. Episode 35 is the Moment of Awesome in the entire story.
    • Starts off with the GPX and Flash Rangers reconciling. There's no big speech, but it's a silent recognition of their common enemy. Also, Pola-Killer's back!
    • Both teams tearing through Swabots and soldiers.
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    • Sean's "World of Cardboard" Speech where he declares "I WANNA GET TO MADISON!!!", taps into the suit and begins his Heroic Second Wind against Rashon.
    • Hell, the GPX and Flash Rangers working as a team is a CMOA! Even when working with different-color counterparts, they still compliment each other beautifully.
    • Daisuke establishing himself as a Badass Normal, fighting Kalderon with a katana!
    • And of course, the Piece de la resistance: All of the Rangers taking one last shot at Rashon before Sean finishes the job and defeats Rashon on his own.
  • Sean's Recital of The Doctor's "It is defended" speech, which seals the Rangers' victory and send the Zordonians away.

Supercharged Examples:
  • Queen Eruvanda standing up to Ragnar and declaring she is not his puppet. Granted, she ends up fleeing, but for someone who'd been portrayed with a massive case of The Woman Wearing the Queenly Mask and Broken Bird tendencies, it's downright Badass.
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  • The first time Ritchie fights as a member, beating Turelie in the process.
  • It seems to be a tradition that the climax of each part contains the most badassery of all the other chapters, and episode 22 is no exception. Let's recap:
  • Episode 3, "Enter Ragnar". Okay, this one is on the villain's part, but it's a damn good Establishing Character Moment for Ragnar. He's no Rita Repulsa, Lord Zedd or cartoonish supervillain, but a very dangerous and competent antagonist, refusing Sean's duel challenge and subsequently wiping the floor with him.
  • Chapter 38, AKA "Hitomi's Resolve". Hitomi suffers a Heroic BSoD early on as a result of a horrible Hannibal Lecture from her grandmother. She is kidnapped by Phaedos and threatened in front of the Rangers. but after another Hannibal Lecture from Phaedos, she takes his sword and cuts her hair off, declaring that the old Hitomi is dead. She then stands up to her grandmother and calmly tells her to leave.
  • Eruvanda pounding Floki so hard she draws blood in episode 42.
  • The Battle of Milwaukee arc has some of the best action scenes in a story filled with them; not just well-executed, but well-written, too.
    • The Rangers doing their Big Damn Heroes thing, teleporting into Milwaukee to fight the elven army off. Special props go to Arquen saving a mother and child and revealing his elf ears in the process, despite their ungratefulness. Also the Rangers actually winning at stopping a massive, city-wide attack.
    • The "'Sconnie" Elves making a Last Stand at the Wisconsin Avenue Bridge, but buck the trend by breaking out and pushing Alfheim's soldiers back.
    • So, there's a Psycho Rangers team. Unsurprisingly, they give the Rangers hell and almost defeat them, until the 'Sconnie elves save the Rangers.
    • Part 3 made it even better. The 'Sconnie elves and the Rangers reach an understanding, the 'Sconnie elves hold their ground against Alfheim, and the Rangers pull off an epic Heroic Second Wind to beat the Psycho Rangers. But... then the Giant Mecha appears.
    • Then things don't look good. The GiantMecha has the Grand Prix on the ropes. Ragnar is about to taste victory, when,
      Ragnar: "What?"
    • The GPX Rangers, the Flash Rangers and the new Flight Group Rangers' megazords all team up and defeat the Giant Mecha, saving the city.

SIU Examples:
  • Marty in SIU, showing that he's worthy of being a Ranger by punching the local Dark Mistress. In the face!
  • Sean, Maria and Aaron (Mandla) get credit for fighting an Ouroboros Society monster while hungover!
  • Sean gets another one without throwing a punch (well, kinda). To set it up: Bridget has been bitten in the neck by a Mannequin and he's not in the best of moods. Drake comes and tries to apologize, but then he tries to make Sean an offer to join his group. Sean's response? "Go fuck yourself" and tells him they're not giving up anytime soon.

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