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Awesome / Power Rangers: Oceania

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  • Alex dancing her way to defeat a decay monster, summoning the winds of life in the process.
  • Hannah Miller gets her ranger powers, using her new hook to fend off all the monsters.
  • Hannah manages to use David to trick Mujina to confessing her deceptions to the rest of the team.
  • The Power rangers Vanguard and the Power Rangers Oceania vs The Leviathan.
  • The Trials Arc. A great arc to develop Desmond's character and bring him forward in importance to the Rangers final battle to come.
    • In the first trial: having to think creatively to defeat shadows by one possible means.
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    • In the second trial: having to admit he needs help fighting a monster.
    • In the third trial: Desmond facing down his greatest fear of Death taking all that he ever loved.
  • For her endgame, Hine Nui orders a full on aquatic invasion of Oahu. With transports, sea ships and the like.
    • Then there's the battle with General Kuta and Mujina, where the rangers realize they have to go for the eye of the storm and defeat them both.
  • Desmond delivers the Bond One-Liner as he finishes off Hine Nui once and for all.
    Desmond: You always like to talk about other people's death Hine Nui. Let's see how you handle yours!

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