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Heartwarming / Power Rangers: Guardians of Gaia

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  • After the Bronzooka backfires in its trial run, Layla decides to stop building weapons and equipment for the team, out of fear of getting one of them hurt. However, the others refuse to let her quick, fixing the Bronzooka themselves and giving her encouragement to keep trying.
  • After Layla learns Madilyn isn't her real sister, she gives these developments a little thought, and quickly realizes it doesn't matter if she and Madilyn aren't related by blood or not, they ARE sisters, and forgives her for not telling her.
    • Later on, she and Madilyn meet up with their parents, and Layla makes it clear that she forgives them for the deception, too.
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  • Chapter 19 has a dedication written for Super Sentai creator Shotaro Ishinomori.
    "For Shotaro Ishinomori, who started it all."
  • After the final chapter of Season 1, wherein Walker and Darkea were blasted off a cliff for their failure to defeat the Rangers, it's revealed in Chapter 1 of Season 2 that Darkea pulled her unconscious brother out of a lake and into a cave, and has been caring for him since, refusing to leave his side.
    • It's also hinted that the two are beginning to think of the Rangers as more than enemies, though both refuse to admit to this.
  • The Gaia Rangers' interactions with the Retro Rangers is both awesome and sweet, and highlights a lot of the characters' development, but special mention has to go to Doctor K and Layla's scene, as Doctor K reminisces over how Ziggy became a Ranger.
  • When Drayden finally confesses to his crush on Nikki, she tells him that she's asexual and thinks this would be a turn-off for anyone who might want a relationship with her. However, Drayden makes it clear that this isn't the case for him, and the two proceed to start dating.
    • Also, by this point, there's clearly a bit of character development shown for Madilyn. Over the course of the story, it's become more apparent just how much she wants her friends to be happy, as seen when she tries to encourage Drayden to tell Nikki how he really feels.

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