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Awesome / Pokémon: Kyurem vs. The Sword of Justice

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When the strength of friends is combined into one, then true power and courage are created!

  • Kyurem pulls of all kinds of awesome during this film.
    • This is the first Pokémon in a movie that has the protagonists on the run the moment it appears. Even the likes of Ash know they stand little to no chance against this thing.
    • Even though Keldeo is still in training, he's still levels above most normal Pokemon because of his status as a Mythical and as a trainee of the Swords of Justice. Kyurem then teaches him a lesson in humility after he tries to challenge him early.
    • After the Swords of Justice intervene to prevent any further injury to Keldeo, he snaps at them for interfering and uses Ice Burn on them, freezing them solid. To repeat, he took out the Musketeer Trio, 3 extremely powerful Legendaries with immense combat training, with a single attack.
    • When chasing down Ash and Keldeo, he shrugs off practically every damn thing done to halt him, plows through nearly everything, chases them through the whole city and more, and does not give up.
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    • And despite Keldeo's best efforts the guy still won the rematch.
    • Also, Kyurem has a reputation as the ''world's strongest dragon-type'', which might be stretching it (considering the likes of Dialga and Palkia are also dragon-types) but is nonetheless a small glimpse of how goddamned powerful this Pokemon is.
    • Kyurem's method of accepting a challenge is to create a massive ice arena with a front gate made of icicles, which the challenger must pass through to start the battle. As if anyone needed further proof that Kyurem is a badass.
    • A minor one: when Keldeo returns to Kyurem and admits that he lied about his Sword of Justice title, Kyurem then reveals that he knew the whole time, and just wanted to fight him anyway. It was never about whether he lied or not, Kyurem just wanted Keldeo to finish what he started.
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    • Kyurem freezing the remains of his den as the building starts to collapse all around our heroes. Kyurem proceeds to create an ice castle in the process.
  • Of course, special mention goes to Keldeo's rematch against the Boundary Pokemon. After overcoming his fear and transforming into Resolute Form, Keldeo proceeds to show Kyurem just how powerful he's become, with barrages of Focus Blasts, even faster speed, using Double Team and the environment to great effect, and of course breaking out of solid ice using his newly-learned Secret Sword.
    • Of course, Kyurem is no pushover, using his White, Black, and normal forms to deliver various kinds of heavy bombardment. While his devastating attacks have Keldeo on the run, he tanks everything the Colt Pokemon throws at him, all the while laying waste to everything around him. While he might not have Keldeo's finesse, his durability and the raw destructive power of his attacks is still something to awe at.
  • After Keldeo loses to Kyurem due to his Heroic Sacrifice to protect Ash and co. from Kyurem's misdirected Freeze Shock, he is forced to yield. Kyurem's response?
    Kyurem: "Rather than pursue protected your friends. You have a fine sword...