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  • From "Victor, Victorian": Inspector Brackenreid was being very sexist in front of Dr. Ogden and Detective Murdoch, and neither of them confronted him. However, Julia was obviously very uneasy and took it amiss. William later asked her what he had done to make her angry and she admitted she had wanted his support. And here comes William's crowning moment of awesome: he says that she has his support, completely, but also that it's her argument and that she doesn't need him to rescue her because she's strong enough to fight on her own.
    William: I made you angry earlier.
    Julia: Yes.
    William: I don't know why.
    Julia: The Inspector was being archaic and thick-headed and you just stood there.
    William: Julia, that was your argument. And for me to jump in as though you aren't strong enough to handle yourself in the situation somewhat defeats that argument.
    Julia: Well, I only wanted your support.
    William: And you have it. Completely. But I will not rescue you, Julia, because from everything I know about you, you don't need it.
    Julia: Your logic is infuriating.
    William: Not just a little bit winsome? (smiling)
    Julia: (smiling and laughing) Perhaps a little.
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  • "Lovers in a Murderous Time": Inspector Brackenreid gets excited that there is a bloody thing Murdoch can learn from him — he brilliantly figured out that money could have been even better motive for murder than love.
  • "Lovers in a Murderous Time": Murdoch, being rather blasé, asks Mr. Rodriguez whether he really believes in soul mates, past lives and reincarnation. He answers by asking Murdoch what his belief is. When he hears that it's Roman Catholicism, he points out the improbable which Catholics believe in — virgin birth, son of God and resurrection, and says: "And yet I do not mock you." It's even more awesome as Detective Murdoch takes it very well and sees his point.
  • Julia knocking out/catching Eleanor Grimes with a well-timed arm in "The Filmed Adventures of Detective William Murdoch". This came after the actress playing Julia in the film earlier complained that Julia's duties as coroner were boring and that there wasn't enough "action" for her character.
    Julia: That, my dear, is a woman of action!
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  • The Inspector's return to action at the end of "On the Waterfront Part 1". He was beaten to within an inch of his life by the O'Shea brothers, spent months in a hospital bed, and was terrified about going back to work. He even considered moving his family to England. But station house 4's officers facing an all out brawl with the dockers? That is something Thomas Brackenreid cannot stay on the sidelines for.
    Brackenreid: The O'Sheas are mine.
  • The Season 11 premier:
    • Brackenreid and Julia both turning the tables on their captors from the cliffhanger. Julia delivers a Curb-Stomp Battle on hers, while Brackenreid manages to disarm Davis.
    • Nina Bloom plays Graham like a fiddle to maneuver him into a position so she can murder him in retaliation for the death of her friend, and the supposed assassination of George.
    • George knocking Graham flat when he's finally caught, in retaliation for his holding Nina at knife-point, along with his earlier insults.
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    • The entire crew coming together to pull the rug out from under Williams and Graham.
    • Watts' role as the lynch pin in the conspiracy to bring down Graham and Williams. He may be eccentric and somewhat scatter-brained on the surface, but it was his orchestrations putting all the pieces in play that were instrumental in finally catching them.


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