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  • At the climax, Long John is holding Benjamina at gunpoint, and Kermit dramatically comes to her rescue.
  • Blind Pew, when he first appears, makes one Blind Mistake (I mean, visually-challenged mistake) after another. When Billy Bones cocks his pistol, Pew does an amazing flip and pins Billy to the wall, pointing the gun to the floor.
  • Mrs. Bluberidge holding off the pirates so Jim and the others can escape.
    • When she rolls up her sleeves, giving the pirates a mighty Death Glare. She then starts things off by kicking several of them.
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  • The Villain Song "Shiver My Timbers". Also the other Villain Song, "Professional Pirate."
  • The Squire (Fozzie) being saved by... the little man who lives in his finger.
  • After Kermit's sword goes flying, and Jim and the whole gang come to his rescue, including Rizzo! And they all look rather dashing to boot!
    • ...... Kermit can FRIGGIN' FIGHT WITH A SWORD! When did he practice that?!
    Kermit: Not bad for an amphibian!
    • And in a rare moment when his froggishness isn't just cosmetic or grounds for one-liners, he makes some impressive leaps while rushing into battle.
  • Gonzo defeating a cockroach pirate using starfish as shurikens!!
  • Long John Silver going from "tied up and receiving a death sentence" to "back in charge of the mutineers". In less than a minute.
    • Tim Curry's entire performance is just wonderful to watch. Like Michael Caine before him, Curry manages to give a sincere, effective performance whilst remaining in the spirit of a Muppet film.
  • Sam the Eagle dual wielding cutlasses in the fight scene, as well as swinging into the action with a sword clutched between his...beak.
    • The fact that Sam the Eagle's version of Mr. Arrow was, and still is the only version to live all the way to the end of the story.
  • Jim standing up to Silver at the end of the movie. This young boy, while being held at gunpoint, is holding the signal whistle up to his lips, ready to alert the rest of the crew of his former friend's escape. Captain Smollet/Kermit was right. "[His] father would be proud."


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