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  • The fact that they can make a Muppet version of 'The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come' actually look spooky is no easy task, yet these guys make it look easy.
    • Also, the Ghost of Christmas Present, which was the most complex Muppet made up to that point.
  • Piggy, despite now being a content housewife, is just as badass as ever.
    Scrooge: I am about to raise your salary!
    Piggy/Emily: (puts up her fists to fight Scrooge) And I am about to raise you right off the paveme... Pardon?
  • Michael Caine himself, simply for being able to keep Kermit and Co from stealing the show.
    • Just the fact that he was able to play the three-dimensional, complex character of Ebenezer Scrooge completely straight and with his full effort, and play it incredibly well, while surrounded by Muppets.
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    • Some have said he rivals Alistair Sim for the best performance of Scrooge, and that it was this role that actually revived his career after he had become to old to play his classic "wideboy" parts.
    • Caine himself said that the secret for playing against the Muppets is to treat them all like the Royal Shakespeare Company.
  • The fact that they not only included large chunks of Dickensian prose and dialogue, but actually worked some of it into the songs.
  • After the sudden passing of Jim Henson, nobody was sure what would happen to the Muppets and whether or not they'd be able to keep going. The fact the remaining performers came together and created this film (which is very popular with many Muppets fans) proved that they could.

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