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Mega Man's first duel with Proto Man. note 
Spoilers Off applies to all "Moments" pages, so all spoilers are unmarked.

  • In the first chapter, Mega Man's first battle and subsequent defeat of Cut Man... and then going on to defeat his other brothers and make his way to stop Dr. Wily.
  • And then, said brothers showing up, their original programming restored, and saving his butt from Wily and the Yellow Devil.
  • In Chapter 2 Elec Man and the other Light Robots trick Wood Man saying that they would join him while Elec and Ice Man get in the chopper so they can take down Wily.Cut,Bomb,Fire and Gus Man help Mega Man take on Air and Flash Man.While Mega Man took down Flash Man.Cut Man,Fire Man and Bomb Man took down there entire army.
    Air Man : OUR ARMY!HOW DARE YOU...!?
  • In chapter 2, Mega Man defeating Quick Man in battle and then going on to stop Wily's plan.
  • Roll telling Wily to get his own water - and he'd given her a direct order. She seems almost insulted that he thinks it'd be that easy. In a universe with the three laws.
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  • Blues gets several: it says something that a Curb-Stomp Battle against the six robot masters from the first game is a minor one that's given half a page.
  • One has to go out to Cut Man in the battle with Copy Mega Man. His arms are disabled, and the opponent has proven himself capable of effortlessly taking out everyone of them. His response? Attack again gripping the Rolling Cutter in his mouth.
  • Mega Man's battle with Copy Mega Man is one for the Blue Bomber in more ways than one. Copy Mega Man so far has been able to dispatch virtually any foe with nonexistent difficulty, seeming stronger than the original, and nobody knows why or how. Then we get The Reveal: Dr. Light made Rock so powerful upon his repurposing that his body literally requires built-in limiters, because if he was to access his full power all the time, his body would crumble beneath the sheer horsepower he's packing. As The Copy finds out, Rock can tap into that higher grade when he's decided enough is enough.
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  • Quick Man gets a Chekhov's Gun-flavored one against the 'White Giant' in Vol. 2. It's not apparent at first, but several dozen pages later the single nick he manages against it proves to be the opening Rock exploits to destroy it.
  • Cut Man gets another one near the end of Gigamix Vol. 2, summed up by four words: Rush Adapter Cut Man.
  • The climax to Gigamix vol. 3 is best summed up in three words:
    I'm Mega Man.
  • Skull Man gets one from beyond the goddamned grave. When Pluto's wrecking Ring Man apart, the "Grim Reaper" himself appears in an illusion, causing Pluto to scream in fear. When the illusion lets up, Pluto gives a sigh of relief, claiming that a monster like that couldn't possibly be real. Skull Man scared the living piss out of one of the STARDROIDS.
  • Ring Man gets one in the Stardroids storyline, when he gets a Heroic Second Wind and delivers an epic Curb-Stomp Battle to Pluto.
  • Shadow Man is at his absolute peak at the end of Gigamix: In the penultimate battle, he impales Mercury and Neptune on his sword, and proceeds drive the three of them through Earth's atmosphere. It's coupled with an even better heroic taunt:
    Mercury: You're pathetic! When will you figure out that cutting me won't work?
    Shadow Man: I see that...but how do you fare against heat?
    Shadow Man: Can you survive the heat of the world you tried to destroy!?


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