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Tear Jerker / Mega Man Megamix

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Spoilers Off applies to all "Moments" pages, so all spoilers are unmarked.

  • In the third chapter, Metal Heart, Wily uses a toy robot as the brain of his new Yellow Devil, and it quickly goes on a rampage. Turns out it only wants to reach its mother, the computer that ran the factory it was originally created in. Just when it seems it's going to achieve that goal, Shadow Man tosses a shuriken through it.
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  • Skull Man, both when it's revealed that the cause for his rampage is due to being sealed away and not being treated like a person like his brothers, and then again when he dies, surrounded by and finally accepted by his family.
  • In Vol. 3, Blues set Copy-Mega Man up to commit suicide via Heroic Sacrifice right after he'd become his own person.
    • Roll getting hurt protecting Mega Man from Copy.
    • After Dive Man allows Copy to escape, he explains that Copy reminds him of Skull Man. Dive Man then begs everyone to try and forgive the duplicate.


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