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  • Reenacting the entire first episode on a Stockport Street in response to Episode 1 being taken down from Youtube.
  • At Akumakon 2011, he went up on the Rock Band stage and sang Under Pressure. Or rather, Training Ninjas.
  • Allegedly PWNING what has been heavily implied to be the soul of Josef Mengele. A round of applause for Mr. Martin Piers Billany!
  • Starting The Abridged Series genre is pretty awesome.
  • His takedown of the Die for Our Ship mentality held by hardline shippers.
    If you start to "ship" two characters, it's not a good idea to place importance on whether the author/rest of the fandom does or not.
    Frankly, the only person a ship should matter to is you. Don't get mad at other people/the author if they don't adhere to your own feelings.
    Shipping wars are the dumbest shit ever because people forget that the show isn't being written FOR THEM exclusively.
    Like, fucking Tolkien didn't write Sam and Frodo as a gay couple. Does that mean they couldn't be? No. Does that mean they HAVE to be? No.
    It's meaningful to you and that's what counts. If *you* were the only person in the world that felt that feeling - it would still matter.
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  • Becoming the freaking narrator for the Audio Description version of The Force Awakens and Rogue One. That's right, you can hear Star Wars narrated by LittleKuriboh!!
  • How often can a person who made a Trope Codifier of abridged series gets to do an official anime movie that stars a very well-known 64 year old franchise? This guy.

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