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  • His first time at a Con (Youmacon for those wondering) ended in this. Being a very reclusive man prior to this, and still possessing some of this later on, LK had a phenomenal time getting to know Team Four Star at Youmacon and when the con ended realized that he'd be taking a cab back to the airport to go to England. He starts crying his eyes out and as a way to console him TFS not only promise to meet him again, but draw the friendship circle from Yu-Gi-Oh! D'awwww. To add extra heartwarming, when he got in the cab TFS called him out and showed him their individual parts of the friendship circle and as he began to drive off, LK pressed his part of the circle up against the window.
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  • (the proposal video). "I may have over a hundred voices, but I have only one for you. Abby, will you marry me?" So. Adorable. Never one to miss a good joke, he then proceeds to give a little Self-Deprecation about it in episode 29. Which, now that he and Safty are divorced, has become a "Funny Aneurysm" Moment.
  • The post on his Livejournal detailing his experience at Youmacon, especially the end.
  • The video he made to cheer up Kroze, his best friend/tech god of YGOTAS.
  • Also, This moment from the YGOTAS panel at Youmacon 2010.
  • His various charity auctions which have raised thousands for such things as animal charities and the 2011 Japan Tsunami/Earthquake.
  • His marriage to Marianne Miller.
  • The combined efforts by LittleKuriboh and other Abridged Series makers to raise money for Dan Green, whose wife tragically passed away giving birth to their twin son and daughter.
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  • In the otherwise hilarious "LittleKuriboh Sells Out" video, LK gives a heartfelt thanks to his viewers for sticking with him for so long and states that they're the most patient people he's ever seen, before promising that there will be more content on his youtube account soon.
  • After revealing he's been suffering with depression and suicidal thoughts for six months now, LittleKuriboh begins a new series, We're Still Here. He wants this series of vlogs to make people laugh, and more so, to perhaps help others dealing with depression to seek help. He not only wants to get himself help, but to help other people as well.
    • Heartwarming in Hindsight: His first We're Still Here video has him warning viewers that some of them should avoid the comments section in case they are too sensitive to handle the negativity and vitriol that often pervades such comments sections, especially with the topic of depression being such a huge magnet for that sort of vile hate. Despite his fears of that happening, pretty much every video in the series has a comments section full of encouraging messages and thankful statements from people who sympathise with him and/or have depression themselves, often talking about how his humour has lifted their spirits and how inspiring he is in dealing with the struggle.
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    • We're still here #4 had LittleKuriboh talking about the tragic death of Monty Oum. LittleKuriboh had only met him once, but they were on good terms. What really sells it, is that LittleKuriboh doesn't actively watch Rooster Teeth, and hasn't seen RWBY, but decides to talk about it due to Monty's passing.
  • The Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V The Abridged Series team thanks him for creating The Abridged Series genre and being their inspiration.

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