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  • Near the end of "Man of Tomorrow" Clark facing the entire Fatal Five, on his own.
  • In his debut episode, Timber Wolf calls out his father on his crappy treatment of him and others, then proceeds to trash his lab in a fury (which includes punching a hole through solid metal to tear out the wires and ripping out an operating table from the floor and throwing it at a bunch of computer screens). Earlier, he roars at the animal test subjects who looked ready to maul his Dad. Given how he was acting at this stage, this was so richly deserved.
    Dr. Londo: "Not even intergalactic law can touch me, and why would they? My work is a gift, I create life!"
    Timber Wolf: "What you create is suffering and the forest out there is filled with it!! Children expect their parents to protect them, the only thing I've ever been to you is a science experiment! Your own son!!" (proceeds to virtually destroy everything in the lab. After he's done, he gives his father an over-the-shoulder cold glare) ''Never again." (cue his shocked father kneeling in the ruins of his burning lab)
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  • Watching the Legion of Substitute Heroes get their act together and defeat Starfinger in "The Substitutes" definitely counts. It just goes to show you that the underdogs can come out on top, even if no one believes in them. Their powers might not have been as cool or as strong as the rest of the Legionnaires', but when it came time to step it up, they made a pretty good team.
  • Bouncing Boy showing his leadership potential during "Chain of Command". He somehow displays awesome powers of strategy, saves an entire planet from storms, and even gets kissed on the cheek by Triplicate Girl (AKA the girl in the striped miniskirt). This rightfully earned him his Darkhorse Victory to become the leader at the end of the episode.
    • Slightly negated by the fact that nobody ever mentions this again in season 2.
  • The death of Ferro Lad in destroying the Sun Eater near the end of "Sundown: Part 2" is both awesome and a Tearjerker. Superman's response to its master afterwards is even better.
    Ferro Lad: "Long live the Legion".
  • Matter-Eater Lad takes a big bite out of the Emerald Eye of Ekron, finally defeating the Emerald Empress (otherwise the mistress of Villain: Exit, Stage Left) permanently. However, doing so put him in a coma for most of the season.
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  • Near the end of "Who Am I?", the shape-shifting criminal Ron-Karr, who'd recently been tricked into believing he was Superman, willing siding with the heroes. Watching him utilize his and Superman's powers together against Imperiex's missiles was pretty awesome.
  • When Brainiac 5 beats up Brainiac 1.0.
    Brainiac 5: Now I am going to tell you one last time. Get. Out. Of. My. Head!
    • Added awesomeness by punctuating each word with a blow.
    • Just this: Corey Burton returns as Brainiac 1.0.
  • In "Unnatural Alliances", Imperiex and Kel having to work together to save a child ends with both of them firing lasers at what can only be called Cowboy Terminator from the 4th millenium. Can you guess what happens?
  • Brainiac 5 and Superman in "Message In A Bottle" managing to un-shrink the city of Kandor at long last after centuries of it being stuck in its small state as well as restoring Krypton to essentially give Superman his race and home planet back.
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  • The people of Kandor help fight Imperiex and Validus, first just as badass Bystanders, and then with the same powers as Superman once Brainiac 5 makes the artificial sun turn yellow.
    Kandorian: I say it's time we stopped listening to tales of heroes and started living them.
  • In issue 16 of the comic book continuation of the show, Legion of Super-Heroes in the 31st Century, Arm-Fall-Off-Boy of all characters gets an entire story to him and manages to actually save the legion from Starfinger.


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