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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • The mission "Heaven's Hellfire." In a sequence very unlike anything else in the franchise thus far, you are "transported" to a virtual world based on the eponymous in-game... well... game of "Heaven's Hellfire" - a hellish landscape of lava, propelling energy pillars, and floating platform ruins, some of which have either demonic braziers or glowing crystals (each serving as Smoke and Neon stations respectively). Opposing you is "He Who Dwells", a gigantic, laser-shooting angel that regularly alters the arena's layout and summons an increasing number of lesser angels to shield him.
  • Some of Delsin's more elaborate stencil pieces count, even discounting the Space Needle flag and District Showdown billboards. While the player might only spray out a single D.U.P. soldier, the ultimate result might be a multistory-tall image of about a dozen troopers climbing up a series of ladders, only to be punched off by a giant boxing glove.
  • The second-to-last mission on Good Karma, Augustine is calling out for Seattle to turn in Delsin so they can be free of the bioterrorist threat. As you continue along the way to the news station, you find DUP barricades with citizens angrily protesting what they've done while listing off all the heroic things Delsin has done. Delsin also chews her out under his breath, saying how he saved them from her people, how he's been nothing but a good soul while she's nothing but a sadist.
  • One of the Audio Logs talks about Delsin's absorption of the core relays and that Augustine Didn't See That Coming. When she found out, she ordered a complete recall, even down to the seeker drones, to keep them out of Delsin's hands... but by that point, he had destroyed the Space Needle's comm network, consequently preventing most from learning about the order. She even attempted to absorb core relay power herself with the ones in storage, but only succeeded in making herself even more pissed than before. Delsin, by complete accident, gave Augustine an off-screen Humiliation Conga.
    • There's an even better one about a member of Delsin's Akomish being brought in by Augustine for interrogation. She tells him he's been discovered to be a conduit - most likely a trick, according to the narrator - and has a chance to join them. The Akomish laughs in her face.
      "When Delsin finds you, tell him hi from the the Akomish."
  • Reggie being a Big Damn Hero on the concrete island, saving Delsin by shooting a friggin' RPG at Augustine, driving her off and shattering the concrete she trapped Delsin in. Makes his Heroic Sacrifice all the more sadder.
    • And after that, Delsin's Roaring Rampage of Revenge, mixed with Unstoppable Rage- Delsin, no matter what alignment, slaughters anyone who comes between him and Augustine, who he's absolutely destroying. To quote the Nightmare Fuel Page: "Mister Rowe is pissed, and when Mister Rowe is pissed, no one gets out alive."
    • And if Delsin does an Orbital Drop, there's something else. Normally, Delsin has a cocky grin when he uses an Orbital Drop, but here? He has a look of pure and utter rage before he levels an island.
    • The powerful track that plays, compete with One-Woman Wail, makes the raw emotion all the more epic.
  • Climbing Augustine's tower at end game. Delsin starts out alone, but then Fetch joins him to help him fight his way to the top, and then even Eugene comes along to help. It's just so awe-inspiring to watch all three of them work together, and its all set to Speed of Light. It really drives home the fact that you've reached the endgame, and it's time to take Augustine down.
  • The Karma Bombs. All of them. Whether or not you got it by wreaking havoc and destruction or going the extra mile to do good, it's worth it.
    • Smoke users get the Orbital Drop, where Delsin shoots up into the air like a rocket before coming down, producing a massive explosion. Particularly of note are when Delsin uses it to destroy the Space Needle relay and against Augustine during their first battle.
    • Neon gets the Radiant Sweep. Delsin produces a shockwave, trapping everyone around him in stasis bubbles (enemies only if Good, everyone if Evil), and then follows up with a massive Beam Spam.
    • Video gets the Hellfire Swarm. Delsin summons a huge army of angels/demons before sending them at his enemies.
  • Even if it was heart wrenching, seeing Betty call out and disown Evil!Delsin was pretty badass.
  • In most of the Good playthrough, your special Triangle moves are knocking enemies out and healing civilians. But in the Augustine boss battles? Triangle means "Punish Tyrant". Reggie already fed the tree of liberty with the blood of patriots, now it's your turn to feed it, motherfucker.