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Awesome / inFAMOUS: First Light

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  • Fetch spends most of the game building Shane's empire over city, and in one mission of Roaring Rampage of Rescue completely destroys it.
  • Fetch using Cold-Blooded Torture on Shane was satisfying to say the least. Pay Evil unto Evil feels good.
  • Mention must be given to Jenny, who stuck her neck out for Fetch to try and help her break free from Shane's hold on her. While she seems to have some unexplained desire for redemption, she mostly just does it out of sympathy for Fetch.
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  • Fetch as a Player Character is far more powerful than Delsin ever had the chance to become, probably due to her having far more time to perfect her abilities. Aside from her neon speed, which, when combined with the gas clouds, make the Flash look like a snail, her rapid-fire neon bolts can rip through enemies like paper through a shredder, she's a very fast melee striker and she doesn't have to recharge her powers as often. Play the battle arena challenges as her, then try them as Delsin and you'll see that Delsin feels severely underpowered compared to her, even though he controls more elements. The only downside is that Fetch is more vulnerable to damage (unlike Good Delsin, her health is not restored upon weak point shots or restraining them alive) and has fewer places to drain power from.