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Awesome / Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory

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  • Around Chapter 7 Pirachu gets one when he lets Arfoire escape and stays behind to slow down the CPUs. Would have worked too...if Iris Heart wasn't there.
    • Also he finally gets his own logo.
  • A meta one for Compile Heart and Idea Factory. Cameos from different Osamu Tezuka characters as Nepgear's Status Buff? Nobuo Uematsu and his band Earthbound Papas in charge of the soundtrack? Getting Harada to have a Tekken based character? The sheer amount of support Compile Heart got from being recognized by famous video game producers is nothing to scoff at despite them being a small video game company. If you told this to people back in 2008, they'd just be laughing at you at how impossible all this is.
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  • In one of the extra events in Re;Birth 3, Regu summons a monster to destroy Planeptune. Peashy's expression is pure Let's Get Dangerous! and her immediate transformation without saying anything makes it even more awesome. Cue massive Oh, Crap! from Regu, followed by Plutia transforming into Iris Heart. Yeah, Regu's hosed and it. is! wonderful!
  • How the CPUs manage to defeat Bamo and Regu in the end counts too, with simple free-market thinking by developing better games than Bamo and Regu were churning out- and then giving them a sound thrashing.
  • Awesome moment has to go to Mr. Badd for nearly taking out four CPUs without even having to lift a single finger. If it wasn't for Vert, the Seven Sages would have won as early as chapter 3 out of 10.
  • Any player who can beat Gargoyle deserves a mention.

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