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Neptunia V will be translated much faster and hit the American markets sometime before the end of 2012
I say this for two reasons. One, insane hope. Two, I believe someone at NISAmerica hinted at it.
Siliconera Article: When we spoke to Damien Urvois about Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 he hinted 2012 would be the "year of Neptunia."
So, it's more running on semi-guided blind hope.

Neptunia Victory will be rated M, just like Mk2
They can't produce it with Iris Heart still in the game otherwise. Everything she does is Symbolic Rape, Rape as Comedy, etc. CFW Trick made the ESRB rate mk2 Mature, and honestly, Trick wasn't that bad, until you get to the Conquest Ending anyway, so Iris Heart is just one giant Mature rating label.

Plutia is Compa, IF, and Peashy's mother
Fraternal triplets. It would at least explain how Peashy can use HDD to become Yellow Heart.
  • If they were related, wouldn't that make Compa and IF also capable of accessing a HDD? But no scenes have shown either of them accessing an HDD.
  • Jossed. Peashy gains her HDD form the same way the other Victory characters do.
  • Yet at the same time It's confirmed. Plutia and Neptune all but adopted IF, Compa and Peashy.

A future game will involve a Crisis Crossover between all three Neptunia universes.
The original game's universe, the Mk2 universe, and the Victory universe. Victory already introduces both interdimensional travel, and a means to restore the powers of the original universe's CPUs, making it possible to have a party with two Neptunes, Plutia, three Verts, three Noires, and three Blancs. This would allow the original universe to be brought back into continuity and appear in future games.

Noire has a minor A God Am I case going on.
This conclusion is being drawn based purely on one line of dialogue:
Noire: Just who are these small humans circling you?

Histoire was created almost at the same time when the very first goddess was created.
mk2's backstory, it was stated that Gamindustri was created from 0; and with the introduction of 1, the world grew bi-dimensional. With that, we can deduce that from the mass of 0s and 1s, the very first goddess was born: Odysseia, who was also known as Magna Heart (she is based on the very first home console, the Magnavox Odyssey). But because she needed support, the few humans who were created along with Odysseia decided to create Histoire using their knowledge that would kick-start gaming as we know it (for example, the cathode ray tube amusement device, which was patented in 1948).

Every Ending is Canon.
Neptunia Victory proves that Alternate Universes indeed exists in the Games. But it's not known how many Universes there are, so in Theory, they could be nearly Infinite. Under such circumstances it is much likely that there is for each Ending, Bad Endings and Game Overs included, at least one corresponding alternate Universe where it really happened.

Blanc is bisexual.
When RED all but proposes to her (and Vert), Blanc's reaction is this:
Blanc: I don't care. It kind of soothes my soul to be called someone's wife, male or female.

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