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Nightmare Fuel / Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory

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  • Iris Heart can be this at times, as there's the unsettling nature of what she DOES to her victims.
    • Beating up Arfoire after she already admitted defeat, and as a result, she scarred a young IF for life.
      • It gets better. IF was only 5 years old when this occurred. A child was scarred for life at the age of five...
    • Whatever it is she did to Nepgear after she betrayed the team to Vert. Nepgear herself ends up rather terrified of Plutia as a result.
    • In the normal ending route, there's a scene where she transforms in front of the three CPU Candidates and chooses to toy around with them. We don't know what it is she did to them, but whatever it was, she picked Rom first...
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  • Rei with that dark power.
  • The scene back in the Hyperdimension with Rom and Ram after Chapter 4. They end up meeting some people of the Citizen Group. Adult Fear strikes in when they actively try to hurt Rom and Ram.
  • The reveal of what happened to the kidnapped children. They were forced to use CPU Memories and the vast majority ended up as bug monsters unable to speak for years until Mr. Badd had a Heel–Face Turn and helped them relearn to speak.
    • Even worse, it very nearly happened to little IF and Compa!
    • The ending gives the children a happy ending in that Anonydeath ended up synthesizing an antidote to turn them back into people.

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