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  • The CG battle at the beginning. Before then, we only heard the CPUs fighting. Once we get to see it, it's clear why the battles have been so fierce all this time.
  • Arfoire has Histoire in her hands and the CPUs at her mercy, and she also managed to trick Neptune into willingly give up her CPU power, culminating in Arfoire pulling an I Lied and preparing herself to finish the cast off. Until COMPA manages to successfully sneak in close enough to snatch Histoire from Arfoire's hands. And then she, in typical Compa fashion, runs for it, foiling Arfoire's plans.
    • And further elaborating on the above moment, equal praise must go to IF for knowing EXACTLY which buttons to push to keep Arfoire distracted while Compa sneaks in.
    • The same thing can also be said for Ran-Ran, who snatched Vert's stolen power away from Arfoire to return it to Vert, even if she did end up getting injured when Arfoire retaliate. You would think that Arfoire would learn from this when the incident with Compa happened...
  • The first time Neptune activates HDD. It's gloriously pleasant to see the badass CPU from the abovementioned CG battle slice a huge spider-like monster to ribbons to save Compa.
    • Compa returns the favor shortly thereafter when Arfoire tries to steal Neptune's power. By Taking the Bullet, Arfoire absorbs Compa's powers (and speech patterns, noticed by IF), and becomes weakened enough for the group to defeat her.
  • MAGES. curbstomping a group of Killachines by melting their insides.
  • Although some feel he got off a bit too easy considering the potential impacts of his actions, Yvoire getting terrified into an apology by Vert for his poisoning of Neptune is a moment for Vert. She may be a lazy CPU, but when she has to be responsible and reasonable, she is damn good at it. #1 rule of Leanbox: Do not fuck up on Vert's turf.
  • Vert and Blanc coming back to back up Neptune, IF and Compa against Arfoire when she's using White Heart's powers.

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