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Faded Blue

  • Blue Pearl and Lapis breaking Steven out of captivity. Blue Pearl shows that even without any combat training, her intelligence, knowledge, and agility can still make her a force to be reckoned with under the right circumstances, whereas Lapis demonstrates that (like in the canon show) she is powerful enough to overwhelm all of the Crystal Gems at once when she has access to a sufficient quantity of (non-healing) water. Sure, Steven had not been in any real danger, and the Crystal Gems were on the verge of letting him out anyway, but it was still an impressive demonstration of what the two are capable of.
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  • In this continuity, Peridot is told off by both Crystal Gem Pearl and Blue Pearl when she attempts to order them around. Blue Pearl even prevents the exchange from escalating into a competition by firmly telling Peridot that they have nothing to prove to her and are prepared to finish the drill with or without her help.
  • In an entirely non-violent example, Amethyst calls out both the rest of the Crystal Gems and Connie's parents about their attitudes when the Crystal Gems try (and horribly fail) to act normal at their dinner, and Priyanka's Control Freak tendencies.
Amethyst:“Could you three, just be normal, for once?
Garnet:We’re sorry, Amethyst.
Pearl: “Yes. Sorry."
Rose:We did try.
Amethyst:“Well, obviously you didn’t try hard enough! This wasn’t supposed to be difficult, you know?! Steven said his family dinner went great. That it was easy! All you had to do was come and eat and be nice for, like, a couple hours! He gave us those lessons, and anyway, you’ve lived around humans for longer than I have, you should have been able to manage that much! And you!”
Doug:“... us?”
Amethyst:“Well, okay, not you. You actually seem pretty cool, and Connie seems to like you, so whatever. But you, do you know how scared Connie is of you, 'doctor?'”
Priyanka:“Scared? I’m her mother!”
Amethyst:“Mother-smother. All I can say is, you’re like, the absolute worst. Connie was totally freaking out about this whole thing because of you, and it turned out she was right to!”
Priyanka:“Connie is my daughter. I am protecting her.”
Amethyst:Right. Of course. Cuz whenever Rose protects me, I run away crying too.”

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