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Awesome / How To Drill Your Way Through Your Problems

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Let's just get this out of the way: this is a crossover with Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. These moments are gonna crop up fast and hard.

  • Beating Hookwolf by "GIGA DRILL SHOOT."
  • Lagann loses an arm, but this doesn't slow him down at all. He grows it back. TWICE. The first one's made out of drills. It is as amazing as it sounds.
  • Danny Hebert takes out Skidmark in the most ironic, or perhaps poetic, way possible: shoving him into Whirlygig. Beating a man whose entire power is based around super-pushing by pushing? Priceless.
    • In fact, the entire Taylor interlude, in which the Dockworkers prove to be the epitome of badass as they take on the Merchants and win.
  • Uber and L33t producing giant mecha to fight Lagann certainly qualifies.
    • Lesser, but still awesome addendum: Titanfall came out three years earlier.
    • Oh, but of course Lagann couldn't let this go unremarked. He teams up with Mouse Protector to create Twinboekkun to fight both of them at the same time in a glorious giant robot slugfest.
      • What's better is that he immediately pegs MP, Uber, and L33t as potential candidates for Team Neo-Gurren. MP joins after the fight is done.
    • Miss Militia gets knocked out of the fight after the first part and requires medical attention. She still makes it very clear to Lagann that she will do horrible, horrible things to him if he hurts Mouse Protector.
  • Bakuda breaks out the Dayakaiser - Bakuda Bomber! - to tell Lung exactly what she thought of his treatment of her and her decision to carve her own path, with no one else having the authority to push her around. Did I say she also was rocking a leather jacket at the time?

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