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Awesome / Hunters of Death

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  • The first contact war. Though it's glossed over it shows how much of difference Jaegers made for humanity. And it turns out Jaegers can now utilize biotics.
  • The Shepard twins. In-game their rank is N7. Their rank is now N8. Ashley has also been promoted to N7.
  • Neptune Overlord facing off against 2 Geth Jaegers at the same time.
  • Dr. Chakwas managing to get Nihlus to back down onto the medical bed. Despite being one of the best Spectres in history.
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  • Ashley punching a Krogan with a smaller version of the Jaeger rocket punch and knocking him out. With that single punch.
  • Jondum using psychological warfare against his fellow Spectre Tela. Because he knows that she is a Shadow Broker agent. He also did it because he didn't want to keep searching for the Kaiju, and knew that her yelling and denials would be noisy enough to draw out the creature.
  • The Normany crew, with help from Nihlus, Jondum and Tela, taking down a mini-Kaiju. On foot.
  • That Wrex killed a Thresher Maw on foot is a measure of canon. Now think of what Threshers essentially are, and now consider how Jeager Pilots must view how unbelievably badass his accomplishment is.
  • Tali managing to intimidate an entire room of hostile guards and scientists using only body language. Granted they did think she was somebody else but still.
    Asari guard: That is one scary and sexy lady.
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  • With the addition of Ashley in the drift Neptune Overlord is now capable of using the Adrenaline Rush ability.
  • Saren has managed to give Kaiju the ability to self-heal using medi-gel. To make matters worse he also gave them the ability to use biotics.
  • Jane managing to configure the Neptune Overlord's mass effect fields to enable flight in the atmosphere. In the middle of combat.

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