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  • Loki using Excalibur and the magic of Glastonbury Tor to defeat Mordred who is in the shape of a dragon.
  • Annie finally getting past her Unfinished Business by confronting Owen and getting to move on to the afterlife... and deciding that she isn't going to let Owen define her any longer, and that she's going to stay with her housemates.
  • Loki lifting Thor's hammer. That is essentially the definition of awesome.
  • In Lonely Way Back Home, Loki's powers are mostly restrained and everyone assumes he can't use his magic at the moment. When alternate Nick Fury makes a threat against the children of Bristol to make him react, Loki instantly teleports out of his prison and freaks everyone out.
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  • Doom versus the rhino spell. Loki's protective measures of his home withstood his first assault, even when their creator wasn't present.
  • Dunlap: The first one in the alternate universe who looks at Loki from an objective standpoint. And he's a The Lord of the Rings fan.
  • Coulson's arrival to the alternate universe and his reactions to how the other version of The Avengers have behaved can be summarized by Chapter 23's notes and warnings:
    Notes: Phil Coulson is not putting up with your bullshit.
    Warnings: No, really: Phil Coulson is not putting up with your bullshit.
  • Mama Bear Frigga. She slaps alternate universe Thor for what happened to Loki.
  • Loki turned himself into Smaug. Complete with voice and the lines from the book.

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