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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • In Episode 6 of Season 1 of TV series, Lyra finally putting paid to the idea of her skill at lying being an Informed Attribute. After Mrs Coulter has let her out of the intercision machine, she takes Lyra back to her own room, evidently genuinely relieved to have saved her ("I can't tell you how happy I am to have found you again." "And I can't tell you how happy I am to be found.") Then Mrs Coulter asks her to hand over the alethiometer:
    Mrs Coulter: I know he told you not to tell me about it. And I know you're not the sort to break your word. But now is the time to choose a side. Now is the time to choose who you belong to once and for all.
    Lyra: [considers this; very simply] You saved me. He didn't. And you're my mother.
    Mrs Coulter: [with tears in her eyes'] I am your mother.
    Lyra: [handing it over] I kept it safe.
    Mrs Coulter: What a funny old tin. You have been careful, haven't you? It's soldered.
    [Mrs Coulter takes the tin over a table and opens it with a knife. It's not the alethiometer, it's the tin with the Spy Fly in, which flies out and attacks her. She screams. Lyra gets up, boots it out of the room, shuts the door, grabs a fire extinguisher and smashes the door lock. She and Mrs Coulter stand on opposite sides of the doors, screaming in wordless rage at each other for a moment.]
    Pantalaimon: Lyra! That's enough.
    [Lyra drops the fire extinguisher and runs off, pausing only to set off the fire alarm by kicking it.]
    • In fact, most of the second half of Episode 6 from this very moment counts as one big Awesome moment for the good guys. From Roger giving a Rousing Speech so epic it persuades an Empty Shells to follow him, to Gyptians, Lee and Iorek freeing children pinned down by Tartars and personnel, and when they themselves are pinned down, Serafina finally swoops down and cleans up the place in twenty seconds flat.
  • The witches are awesome as a whole, but special mention goes to Ruta Skadi managing to break into the Magisterium submarine, mercy kill the witch Mrs. Coulter was torturing, and then fight her way out. She even manages to severely wound the Cardinal!
    • In relation to this, there's Mrs. Coulter persuading Father Macphail to let her kill the Cardinal and manipulate things so he becomes the new Cardinal... too bad he didn't realize this would put him in her pocket and allow her to blackmail him into letting her do whatever she wants.
  • Giacomo pulling a Better to Die than Be Killed by drinking a vial of poison, dying with a smile on his face just as a spectre is creeping up to him.
  • Lyra vs Mrs. Coulter, part two. Pan takes down the golden monkey which knocks Mrs. Coulter to the ground in pain, while Lyra stands over her and gives her a look of utter fury in a complete reversal of their first fight.
  • Mrs. Coulter and Boreal are surrounded by spectres. Boreal locks himself inside a building, while Mrs. Coulter somehow puts her daemon in some sort of trance, then walks unafraid into the group of spectres... and realizes that she can somehow control them. Yes, that's right, Mrs. Coulter now has her own personal army of spectres. Oh, Crap! When Boreal asks her how she managed to do it, she calmly informs him that she simply suppressed her humanity.
    • There's also her lines as she's watching Boreal die.
    Mrs. Coulter: [matter-of-factly] Boreal, I don't need you. You would only hold me back. You are not - nor have you ever been - my equal.
  • Jopari summoning a storm to defeat the Magisterium's airships, and then using a flock of birds to aid him.


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