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  • "EAT. MY. SHIT."
    • Doubly awesome when you realize Minny could actually cook a pie delicious enough for someone to eat more than one slice and not realize there was shit in it. Just how good a cook is this woman?
  • May have been a Bittersweet Ending for her, but Aibeleen's Shut Up, Hannibal! and "The Reason You Suck" Speech was enough to drive Hilly to tears.
    • Not only that, but earlier on, Charlotte telling Hilly off. "Get your raggedy ass off my porch..." Not only is she the first white person in the movie (besides Skeeter and Mrs. Waters) to give Hilly the dressing-down she deserves, she's the only one of the three to not meander around it. She gets in her face and essentially calls her a whore on account of the cold sore on her lip (in that time, as good as a scarlet letter) and made it clear that she had put together the truth about the pie. Not to mention this is the first legitimately noble thing Charlotte does in the film.
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  • When Elizabeth jokes to her friends about Mae Mobley being 'always hungry' at the expense of her daughter, Skeeter coldly remarks "You know she can hear you." It's also sweet on Skeeter's part, considering she knows what it's like to have a negligent mother who focuses on looks. It's also one of the first times she obviously calls out the crowd on their crap and she was one of the first people (aside from Aibleen in their book and later on) to call her out as a bad mother.
  • It's more sobering than awesome, but after Aibleen tells Skeeter about how Elizabeth neglects Mae Mobley, Aibleen somberly says "Miss Leefolt should not be having babies." Then she adds that she wants that statement in the book. It's not merely out of spite. It's because she genuinely cares about Mae Mobley and feels that someone who parents the way Elizabeth does shouldn't be a parent at all.
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  • Having seen her portrayed as a sugary sweet airhead for an entire novel/film thus far, its always quite a shock to realize that it was Miss Celia Foote herself that had the gall to send Hilly a check addressed to "Two-Slice Hilly".
  • The scene when Minny checks on Celia in the locked bathroom. At first she nearly follows Celia's order to go home, but hearing another crash prompts Minny to CHARGE SHOULDER FIRST THROUGH THE DOOR, DESTROYING THE LOCK. It's a small moment, but for someone who clearly had an aversion to whites, to see Minny go so far in the name of Celia's well-being is quite a sight to behold.
  • Aibeleen keeping a poker face during the coming days after the book is published. Most people would give themselves away with a knowing smile. But she's humble enough (and brave enough) to recognize that smiling around Hilly wouldn't be wise.
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  • In the novel, after Aibeleen was fired, she is given the newspaper column that Skeeter worked on complete with the same pay as Skeeter. Aibeleen gets to exercise both her talent in writing and her experience in domestic science.
  • Also in the novel: Celia beating the shit out of the flasher that comes to her house and who assaults Minny. Until now you thought she was pretty much a useless waif, but that woman can fight.
    • Celia finally chopping down the Mimosa tree herself.
  • This gem from Mrs. Walters:
    I may have trouble remembering my own name, or what country I live in, but there are two things I can't seem to forget: that my own daughter threw me into a nursing home, or that she ate Minnie's shit.

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