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Moments like these are worth a double thumbs up.
  • At the near-conclusion of the episode where Sheriff Kirk is Drunk with Power, trying run the Fonz out of town and bullying everyone else, and everyone is dressed in leather jackets to stop the overbearing officer. At 1:45 in here , it is just plain ''awesome.
  • The dance contest episode is about to end with everyone content, and the contest not mattering. However, Fonzie has been roped into being Marion's dance partner, and is none too happy with the idea, that after all the grief in the episode, his efforts are just going to waste.
    Fonzie: Hey, now, wait a minute! I don't understand something here. I practice all week until I limp home and I gotta soak my feet. I spend 18 dollars and 50 cents on a monkey suit. Two nerds come to my room and lock me in my bathroom and start calling me names. Sherlock Holmes here, chases me and starts yelling at me. Cunningham, he, Cunningham over there, he starts threatening me with physical violence. Shortcake kicks me in the leg. And you wanna go home happy. Well, let me tell you something, you're not going anywhere, lady! THE FONZ WANTS TO DANCE!
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  • Another dancing moment occurs in "They Shoot Fonzies, Don't They?", during a dance marathon at Arnold's. Fonzie, having already gone through hell and back just to get to Arnold's, is wiped out by the time he and another couple (consisting of Jill Higgins, the Alpha Bitch of Joanie's school, and her dumb brother Bubbanote ) are the only ones left on the floor. He's about to be carried off in the customary stretcher when said Alpha Bitch makes reference to a prior bet the two couples had made, where if Fonzie and Joanie lose, Fonzie gets a crew cut. Cue Fonzie hollering "CREW CUT?!", forcing himself off the stretcher, challenging the other couple to a special "challenge dance", and wiping the floor with them.
  • Fonzie saving Joanie from being raped. He did nothing but kick the door down, walk between her and her would be rapist, and stare him down. That sick freak was so scared, he jumped out a window.
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  • Any moment with Fonzie coming to the rescue qualifies.
    Fonzie: I'd let him go unless you want to make medical history.
  • One time when Fonzie saves Richie from getting beaten up, Richie knows Fonzie has it so safely in the bag he tosses him the keys and asks him to lock up afterwards.
  • Special mention must go to Richie, Potsie, and Ralph for taking on a gang alone in "Joanie's Weird Boyfriend."
  • Marion Cunningham: "Fonzie...SIT ON IT!" Fonzie listened to THAT one LOUD and CLEAR!
  • One time Richie had been getting harassed by two greaser goons (one of which was played by Jeff Conaway), and finally, found the courage to stand up to them without assistance from Fonzie. In an awesome moment, as he and the first one were ready to fight, Richie grabbed the one's prized leather jacket and attacked it, exclaiming that the next time it'd be the goons who got attacked, and continued to act insane, which was enough to intimidate the two into leaving him alone. Afterwards, Fonzie congratulated Richie for his moment of courage, despite his fear.
  • From "King Richard's Big Night," Fonzie is about two seconds from slugging Richie in the face for damaging his bike when he realizes that Richie has no idea why Fonzie's upset and starts asking questions. They find the guy who slipped Richie something in his drink, and Fonzie cons him into immobilizing his hands by jamming through the pockets of a pool table before Fonzie lays down on the table and starts literally chalking up his knuckles with pool cue chalk and telling the guy he's going to smash his face in. The guy protests that he's helpless.
    Fonzie: [snarls] Yeah, helpless, just like my friend was last night when you slipped the garbage in his drink!
    Bullfrog: Oh, come on, all I put in his drink was-
    Fonzie: I don't wanna know what you put in his drink! You put something in your drink and that's stupid. You put something in somebody else's drink and that's pathetic. He was riding around on a motorcycle, he could have died last night! You understand that? [grabs the guy by the hair and makes him nod] YES I DO! Now that's enough talk! Just close your eyes and kiss your nose goodbye!
  • In the final episode, Fonzie's been denied the ability to adopt a young orphan boy he's become close to because he'd be a single parent. Everyone at the hearing leaves massively depressed, with Howard glumly saying "I understand" before roaring back "...No. I DON'T understand!" It ends with him giving the adoption board a "The Reason You Suck" Speech before bellowing "If your policies can keep a guy like Fonzie from being his father, then I say to Hell with your policies!" before righteously storming out to the applause of the studio audience. Even better, this speech made the adoption board change their minds. They let Fonzie adopt the kid, and he has Mr. C to thank.
  • Fonzie's depiction as Nietzsche's "Superman" has never been more eloquently stated than in the episode "Two Angry Men", where Howard Cunningham and The Fonz sue each other over Fonzie's pigeon coop destroying the garage roof. Richie (Howard's own son) even lampshades what little hope Howard has in coming out on top in this thing when he states: "You can't sue the Fonz!" Nevertheless, the court actually finds in favor of Howard, mandating that Fonzie has to make full financial restitution. Mr. Cunningham, citing his and his family's close bond with Arthur, graciously offers to pay for half the costs himself. However, Ralph Malph announces that all the kids have taken up a collection to pay the other half for Fonzie. Howard, equal parts vexed and shocked, says to Fonzie- "You wreck my roof, you sue me, drag me here to court, you LOSE the case; I offer to pay half of the money and the kids take care of the other half? How come you don't get to pay anything? Fonzie says- "How come? 'Cuz I'm THE FONZ! AYYYY!!"
  • Fonzie vs. Mork From Ork. Basically, before Mork & Mindy premiered, Mork made an appearance in Happy Days, where he lost a telepathic fight (or "hollitacker" as his species calls it) to Fonzie. One particularly awesome moment is when Mork uses his powers to freeze Fonzie, but the latter escapes through sheer will.
  • Oh yeah, and the Fonz versus a goddamn DEMON from HELL. Even if he was a mammoth of a dork.
  • Fonzie, despite living in the 1950's, has never been racist, as he sees black people as equals in "The Best Man" and "Fonzie's New Friend". Notably, he sums up the moral of the former episode in one sentence:
    Fonzie: "It's not the colour of your skin that matters; what matters is if you're cool."
    • This is particularly notable in this scene from "Southern Crossing" where Fonzie, Al, and their new black friend Charles are leaving a racist man's restaurant. On the way out, Fonzie spots a "Whites Only" sign on the wall and immediately slams on the wall hard enough for the sign to fall off. To the sounds of cheers and applause from the audience.

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