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  • In the episode "Fonzie the Father", Louisa, a pregnant wife of Fonzie's buddy, is told to stay with the Fonz until he finishes his cross-country race.
    • Louisa shows up at Arnold's Drive-In and asks Potsie, Ralph, and Richie a question.
      Louisa: Hi! Excuse me... which one of you is Richie?
      (Potsie, Ralph, and Richie notice Louisa's baby bump, and point in the opposite direction.)
    • And after Richie is telling the Fonz that Louisa is looking for him, she shows up, taps him on the shoulder...
      Louisa: Excuse me... Hi! I'm Louisa!
      Fonzie: (looks at Louisa and notices she's pregnant) Hi! I'm Potsie Weber!
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    • In the same episode, Joanie says "Can I check on the—", sees Louisa and that she is pregnant, and says "Baby?!".
  • Fonzie shows up unannounced at Chachi's new job as a photographer's assistant... and flips out when the girl being photographed completely disrobes.
    Photographer: So, how do you take a bath?
    Fonzie: Without cameras, usually!
    • Later in the same episode, Chachi, after having been convinced to do so by the Fonz, resigns thusly:
    Chachi: Look, I'm sorry Jake, but I gotta quit. You see, my cousin just offered me this new opportunity: If I leave here, I get to live.
  • When Fonzie and Pinky Tuscadero decide to get married, but don't make their intentions clear in front of a nun. It leads to this exchange:
    Pinky: Yeah, let's do it!
    (The live audience loses it)
    Fonzie (after the laughing dies down): We're talkin' about gettin' married!
    Nun: Oh! Never mind then!
  • Mork. Young Robin Williams at his fired-up best with his big chance and showing the world his comedic genius taking a script so dumb that the previous actor walked off because of it and turning it into TV comedy gold.
  • On the 1992 reunion special, they show some outtakes, including one of Fonzie kissing Marion's neck and making out with her, then another which shows her coming down from his apartment with a coy smile while she buttons up her blouse. Another intentional gag was a take on a scene where Fonzie snaps his fingers and a crowd of girls is supposed to follow him offstage with their arms around him... only in this case it's a crowd of dudes instead.
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  • The iconic moment when Fonzie goes to comb his hair in the mirror and realizes... ayyy... it's already perfect.
  • The 30th anniversary special spent half its running time with Garry Marshall hosting a cast reunion at the Arnold's set:
    • Scott Baio took a seat at the far end:
      Garry: Look how far away you're sitting! You're at the reunion of Charles in Charge!
    • Marshall explaining why they burned down the original Arnold's.
      "It was either have a wedding or burn something down. It was sweeps."
    • Another Marshall moment is when he recalls Richie and Fonzie dating girls from the other side of the tracks.
      "Y'know, girls who weren't so classy. The first one I thought of was my sister Penny.
  • This bit at the end of "The Motorcycle", Ralph Malph had run over Fonzie's bike and to prevent him from running away, they tied Fonzie up while Ralph apologized, and when he was released, the Fonz said "I gotta go" and Mr.C said "You can't just go and leave your bike here!" and Fonzie said "No, you don't understand. After being tied up for six hours, I gotta GO!"
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  • When Richie tries to be a tough guy, and it doesn't work, but he says "Works for the Fonz" and Ralph says "EVERYTHING works for the Fonz!"
  • When Fonzie moves in, Mr. Cunningham says "But then he might get married, and we'll have a Mrs. Fonzie burning the eggs upstairs and little baby Fonzies walking around in leather diapers."
  • Fonzie makes Ralph and Potsie kiss the pinball machine to exercise their lips, calling it "lip ups" and then Arnold sees them doing it.
  • Fonzie gives the boys love advice and Potsie says "Now we can be like you!" and the Fonz says "You gotta walk before you can run!"
  • When Joanie was given peanut butter to cheer her up after being dumped at the end of They Call It Potsie Love, she declares it to be one of those days as it is crunchy and she likes smooth.
  • Joanie's dream in "They Call It Potsie Love":
    • She's marrying Potsie and the celebrant is Fonzie. He says he was certified by "the state of Wisconsin and the Department of Motor Vehicles."
    • Apparently Potsie actually taught Fonzie how to be cool.
      Potsie: When you were gonna go like this (holds pinky finger up), what did I tell you to do?
      Fonzie (higher-pitched, slightly nasal voice): (gives thumbs-up) Whoaa!
    • At one point, she sends her parents to their room after they object to the marriage. When they wake her up (as she fell asleep on the couch), the first thing she says is "I thought I sent you to your room!"
    • Joanie is still wearing her nightgown (which is an off-white color) in her dream. Potsie is wearing a white tuxedo. Fonzie and Richie are wearing their regular jacketsnote , albeit with tuxedo shirts and bowties underneath. What is Ralph wearing? His blue t-shirt with his name on itnote , his hat, a bowtie (around his bare neck), and earmuffs. Indoors.
  • When Fonzie tries to sleep outdoors, and the animals are keeping him awake so he shouts "Cool it!" and they go quiet and the Fonz says "I'd like to see Tarzan do that!"
  • When the boys are on a nature walk, chasing girls and pretending to be foreign, Fonzie blows their cover and the girls are disgusted, but Potsie asks "Can we still make out?"
  • Potsie visits in one episode and eats six hamburgers. Mr. Cunningham says "He's eaten six!" and Mrs. Cunningham says "He's a growing boy!" and Mr. Cunningham says "Why doesn't he grow at home?"
  • When Mr. Cunningham is depressed, his family try to play This Is Your Life with him, but they bring in Potsie and Fonzie as friends and also bring in Howard's teacher who doesn't like him very much.
  • Howard trying to fix a window, and then Fonzie does it just by stamping his foot.
  • Mr.C says "Can Potsie do anything besides eat?"
  • In an April Fools party, Fonzie says he cannot decide who will win the prize for King of the Fools, as there are so many fools to choose from.
  • Joanie's one-liner "This is pathetic: now I'm sending myself upstairs".
  • When the kids were singing doo-wop and Arnold says "You pay money for the food but I don't get any money for doo-wop."
  • When Richie is playing basketball and about to win, Fonzie gets up to cheer, but decides that would not be dignified and sits down again.
  • "The Physical", where the boys train for the Army, had several funny moments.
    • Fonzie puts one foot on the stairs they have to run up, and the lieutenant lets him off the hook. Doesn't work for Ralph.
    • Ralph's underpants are white with an ant on them; Potsie's have a duck pattern.
    • Ralph eats his note, which was a prank one from his dad saying he was legally blind.
    • The boys have to take their shoes and trousers off to do their physical, but Fonzie, although he did do it, would not take his jacket off. The officer didn't like it, so he said "Everyone with jackets, go to the end of the line", and Fonzie went to the beginning of the line. The officer says "I said the end of the line!" and Fonzie says "This IS the end of the line! The FRONT end!"
    • When Marion says "You need some breakfast to give you energy for all that exercise!" and Richie says "Running around in your underwear is not exercise!"
    • Marion wakes Howard early, and he thinks it's an eclipse but really it is still dark, and he says "Wake me if there is a real eclipse!"
    • Becler mispronounced as Belcher. And before that, Sgt Becler calls Fonzie "Forchanelli".
  • Whenever Fonzie gets called Arthur or Potsie gets called Warren.
  • Mr.C says "Your friends won't laugh at you" in "Richie Branches Out". Cut to Fonzie laughing at Richie.
  • In "Fonzie the Salesman" Joanie says "Fonzie! Your hair! It's all messed up!"
  • "Joanie's Weird Boyfriend":
    • Fonzie's responce to Joanie wearing makeup: "Get over here, Shortcake. You went pretty heavy on the icing there, huh?"
    • Carmine Ragusa joins Richie, Joanie, Potsie, Fonzie and Ralph in a fight against a gang of deliquents:
      Carmine, dancing out from under the bleachers: (singing) You know I'd go from rags to riches...
      Fonzie: (to Carmine) I'll tell you something; I love your feet. You know that? (turns back to everyone else) Alright ladies and gentlemen, I want you to meet Carmine Ragusa.
      Carmine: Of the Majorie Ward Dance School!
      Leroy (the gang leader): What is he gonna do, tango us to death?
      Richie: Carmine Ragusa is also the Golden Gloves champion of Milwakee.
    • Richie tells Fonz he'd only had two fights in his life. One was with a department store saleslady.
    • The fight itself has Richie, Ralph, and Potsie using cartoonish tactics against the gang, while The Fonz and The Big Ragoo offer commentary.
      Carmine: (as Richie hits a gang member with a cloth dummy) I'll bet you two dollars on the bag.

      Fonzie: Didn't we see this in a Three Stooges movie?

      Carmine: (watching Potsie swing around on a rope) Go get em, Tarzan!
  • In "The Third Anniversary Show", it is Howard and Marion's wedding anniversary and Howard's short cousin Nancy visits and first mistakes Fonzie for Richie, then says "And you must be little Joanie" but then notices she's taller than her and says "Big Joanie."
  • Marion notes that when she worries she cooks and when Howard is worried, he eats, that's why they have a happy marriage. Joanie says "And that's why you have a happy tummy!".
  • Every time Richie is on a microphone he says "Yowsah yowsah yowsah!"
  • Richie, Potsie, Ralph and their respective girlfriends make out in the car. Richie's girlfriend doesn't want to make out and she tries to sketch Richie, but draws Ralph's foot next to him as Ralph was lying down.
  • Pinky says "When will I learn to spell 'Fonzarelli'?" and Fonzie says "Well, you learned to spell 'Tuscadero', didn't you?"
  • Ralph's girlfriend gets stung by a bee because there was a bee in the flower he gave her. Said flower had been pulled out of the ground and still had dirt on it.
  • "Two Angry Men" had several.
    • When Fonzie's pigeon house combined with a blizzard makes a hole in Fonzie's roof, Fonzie wants to sue Howard and Howard wants to sue Fonzie.
    • When Howard said "I will sue him" about Fonzie, Richie replies "You can't sue the Fonz!"
    • In the end, Fonzie has to pay the money to fix the roof, but Howard decides to pay half, and then a girl volunteers to pay the other half. Howard says "That's not fair! You don't get to pay anything if she pays the other half! How come you struck it so lucky?" Fonzie's reply?: "Because I'm the Fonz! Ey!"
  • In "Spunky Come Home", the Fonz's dog Spunky is missing, and Fonzie draws her but just draws a stick-dog, which causes everybody else to bring in every dog they see, so he asks a cop to draw Spunky based on a description, but the policeman draws a dog with Al's face, because he was using Al to demonstrate her facial expression.
  • Though kind of a Tear Jerker episode, "Fonzie's Baptism" had several funny moments.
    • Mr.C is about to give the "everybody dies" speech to the Fonz by saying "Sooner or later [we will die]", but Fonzie says "I choose later."
    • He may try to deny it but Al's identical twin brother the priest looks exactly like Al.
    • During the baptism, Joanie looked like she was trying to laugh, and Fonzie looked like he was thinking "Watch the hair!"
  • Fonzie thinks collateral is a disease in "Fonzie the Salesman".
  • "Fearless Fonzarelli", like "Fonzie's Baptism", was kind of a serious episode, but had a few laughs.
    • The family who played cards underwater on the T.V.
    • Fonzie being picky about his combs.
    • Arnold being asked "Are you Fearless?" and replying "No, I'm chicken." when he was selling chicken.
    • The will was kind of funny.
  • One time, Richie asked the Fonz for love advice and he demonstrated acting like James Dean. When Richie tried, the Girl of the Week thought he was crazy and handed him a book on psychology so he went to a therapist and then asked Fonzie for advice. Mr. C. basically summed it up: "So she handed you a psychology book, you thought you were crazy and went to a therapist, and then asked advice from a high-school dropout?"
    • And also Richie said that the hypothetical character was a girl having a hard time getting girls to ask her out, hinting she is a lesbian.
    • Richie thinks shampoo is mouthwash because he is distracted.
    • Richie testing for claustrophobia by sitting in the closet.
    • Richie: "I should see a psychologist." Ralph: "You are nuts." Richie: "That's what I was telling you."
    • And taking Fonzie's advice to 'go for it' advice by kissing a girl out of the blue.
  • In "Fonzie Joins the Band", Richie mouths "I love you", directed at his potential girlfriend, but Marion thinks he's talking to her and mouths "I love you too."
  • Marion reveals what her children do when they are bothered: "Joanie sucks her thumb, you bounce the basketball without shooting, Chuck sucks his thumb as well."
  • On one of their many attempts at scoring with women, Ralph and Potsie walk up to a pair of girls at Arnold's, with the intention of seducing them in a smooth, suave and sophisticated manner. Then Potsie comes right out and says "Hey, wanna neck in the parking lot?" The girls then smile and begin to escort them out of the restaurant, to which Ralph cries incredulously, "That worked?!"
  • The season 10 episode where Arnold returns to buy back Arnold's has a moment where Arnold comments on how Richie, Ralph, and much of the usual gang have all gone on to other things. Behind him, Potsie pipes up with "I'm still here!", to which Arnold replies, "Why?" Even funnier when he follows it up with his Signature Laugh.
    • The story of how he managed to buy back Arnold's from Al Delvecchio, who had moved from Milwaukee to Chicago (and was appearing instead in Joanie Loves Chachi). Instead of paying money for the place, Al sold Arnold's back for a "symphony": Arnold laughing his Signature Laugh to the tune of "The Blue Danube".
  • When Richie writes on the sidewalk, I [heart] [sheep] to say "I love ewe", but this backfires when Ralph and Potsie think it reads "I love sheep" and Fonzie asks "How do you know it's a female sheep?"
  • The episode "A Cunningham Caper" had several funny moments.
    • Richie writes "HELP" on the window but Potsie misreads it as "HELF".
    • Potsie is hiding in the bathroom but uses "I have to go to the bathroom" as an excuse.
    • Ralph plans to shoot the burglar but then realises he doesn't have a gun.
    • This conversation
      Burglar: "There's a hood outside with pizza"
      Ralph: "Yay"
      Burglar: "He must really like pizza"
  • The entire second half of "Burlesque" has Howard hosting a burlesque show at the Leopard Lodge in the hopes of becoming Grand Poobah. When the rest of the burlesque troop he hires fails to show, the one member who showed up early trains the cast to go on in their place. What results is a nonstop, rapid-fire, pitch-perfect love letter to the days of burlesque and vaudeville, culminating in a grand finale where everyone sings "Top Banana". It also counts as a Moment of Awesome when the spectacular performance enables Howard to become Grand Poobah the very next day.

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