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  • Just about anytime someone calls Hancock "asshole."
    • "Your head's going up the driver's ass."
      • [gestures towards second guy] "his head is going up your ass... [to fourth guy] ...and you drew the short stick, 'cause your head is goin' up my ass."
    • "You didn't." Red after Ray cuts his OTHER hand off... Ray then kills him.
  • When Hancock accidentally bounces a basketball over the fence of the prison he's in, he simply leaps over the wall to fetch it. Once he holds it, he stops and thinks that he could just walk away, that he doesn't have to do anything he doesn't want to. But he leaps back over the fence anyway.
    • It's after this that some of the criminals actually start looking up to Hancock - he still put them in there, but he's more one of them.
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  • The battle between Hancock and Mary. It becomes an epic clash of titans worthy of any more serious superhero movie. Before it's over, punching becomes throwing cars and tanker trucks and eventually escalates to lightning and tornadoes causing as much destruction as any disaster film... by the end it's less like a Flying Brick battle and more like the Norse gods decided the middle of LA was the best place to have the final battle of Ragnarok.
  • However the best moment is easily when Hancock single-handedly takes down a team of criminals robbing a major bank, who are armed with grenades, heavy machine-guns and RPGs. He just swoops in and takes them all out, even deflecting a missile with his hand.
  • During the finale a powered down Hancock faces a small team of heavily armed mooks out to kill him. Simply put, Hancock is not the other guy. He's the guy who will literally shove your head up your ass, because he can.
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  • Hancock spraying the All-Heart logo on the moon. Ain't nobody gonna say that the All-Heart logo isn't good publicity now...
  • Hancock leaving at the end in order to save Mary's life, so that both can heal and get their powers back.
  • Ray gets his CMOA on as well when Hancock is down and a trigger pull away from getting his brains spread over the floor, who shows up with a fire axe to disarm the bad guy. Ray then proceeds to butcher him.
  • "My Zagnut bar versus your gun."
  • A villainous example: Red finally gets Hancock where he wants him, and shoots him a couple of times while giving a rambling speech. To top it all off, Ray kills him afterwards.
    Red: Upon us all,'re no different. Time to shut her down, Hancock. It's been a nice run. Oh, we are all...sincerely gonna miss you. But it's time for you to move on. And maybe to a happier place. You can thank me if you want to...superhero.


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