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Heartwarming / Hancock

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  • Ray sincerely thanking Hancock for saving his life, kicking off the main plot.
    • He also returns the favor later on by chopping off Red's other hand with a fire axe before killing him just as he's about to kill a depowered Hancock. Now that is a loyal friend. He has no special powers, but stays and helps his friend anyway.
  • Ray, trying to convince Hancock he needs to clean up his act, not just for the city but for Hancock's sake:
    Ray: Stop pretending that you do not care! You have a calling. You're a hero, Hancock. You're going to be miserable the rest of your life until you accept that.
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  • Hancock finally deciding to speak up in the prison counseling service. What made it heartwarming was the other inmates encouraging him to share his story.
  • "Good job."
    • "No, you good job."
  • When Hancock drops Ray in his bed, drunk, after their dinner out with Ray's wife. You can practically see Hancock struggling to not crack up in front of Ray, because ever since he woke up in that Miami hospital nobody's ever seemed to treat and care about him like a fellow human being.
    Ray: You're gonna do great. You're gonna fix everything.
  • Near the ending credits, Hancock has spray painted Ray's proposed All-Heart logo that other executive marketers mocked earlier in the movie. Where did he put it? The moon where people can see at night!
  • "Look up," provided one can overlook the gravity of the defacement of something that visible and significant.


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