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GARO is known for its unusually large and effectively-deployed budget by toku standards, resulting in spectacular fight scenes. This series is what happens when you're no longer restricted by scale, physics, or People in Rubber Suits monster designs, and get Studio MAPPA to do your animation for you.

  • Credit must be given to whoever designed the new GARO armor, with sharper "jaws" on the helmet and a thinner frame, further complementing its original wolf-like appearance. There's also Leon's version of it prior to getting Zaruba and taming his flames, with what seems to be magma streams running along the armor.
    • And then there's the very first fight in the series, with Leon as GARO showing the audience his signature sword-wielding stance while his armor burns bright.
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  • Episode 12 has Alfonso tap-dancing Leon into orbit with a string of kicks that would make a Kamen Rider weep with envy.
  • Episode 18 has the sword fight between Leon and Alfonso, where Leon wins back the right to wear the Garo armor by overcoming his thirst for revenge once and for all. Bear in mind that Leon was using a normal sword while Alfonso, as a Makai Knight, was wielding his Soul Metal sword, which is much heavier and more hard-hitting than normal weapons. And Leon still won, showing just how much skill and combat prowess he has once he really puts his mind to it.
  • In Episode 19, Ema faces a Horror who's basically a demonic jet fighter, which is kind of a problem since neither she nor any of the other heroes can fly. Her solution? Fire a salvo of gliders at it from a primitive multiple missile launcher, then use them to Building Swing at it with her Razor Floss. Cue an Old School Dogfight like you have never seen before that ends with her exploding her foe from the inside with her Prehensile Hair.
  • The entire final battle.
    • Mendoza actually succeeds in his plan to obtain absolute immortality! Roughly the first half of the episode is him going to town on Leon with his new powers.
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    • Ema forcing the Makai portal open long enough for Leon to escape. All while she has a gaping hole in her stomach.
    • Leon upon taking up German's fallen daggers, transforms into a fusion of GARO and ZORO, finally putting him on equal ground with Mendoza. The fact that he was willing to condemn himself to Makai in order to trap Mendoza there truly shows how far he's come.
    • Finally, Anna's spirit not only helping Leon escape, but using her flames to ensure Mendoza burns from them for eternity.

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