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Awesome / End of Hatred, Beginning of Hope

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Awesome Moments from End of Hatred, Beginning of Hope:

Chapter 1 - Emergence of the heroes

  • The Mane Six uniting as one and defeating the Mane-iac with their newly acquired superpowers.
    Mane-iac: More and more, you FOOLS seem to arise. Is there anymore that I should be wary of?
    Rainbow Dash: Yeah, bad news for you! Because you see, now that we are all together-
    Rarity: Standing as one-
    Fluttershy: We are now-
    Pinkie Pie: Invincible and unbeatable!
    Applejack: Now, no man, beast, or god can take us down if we tried!
    Twilight Sparkle: So, basically... run.

Chapter 2 - to acQuire knowledge

  • Princess Celestia declares that she is ready to step up to the plate to protect Equestria with the Mane 6 elsewhere.
  • Twilight's magical abilities are great enough to impress Doctor Strange. She quickly picks up on Fireball and Telekinesis and demonstrates a powerful fire spell.
  • Even if she didn't mean to, Storm is powerful enough to destroy a container that the Amazons deliberatly designed to contain her without even trying.

Chapter 3 - to a better Understanding

  • The Rainbooms each have a moment of heroism in their road trip to Jump City.
    • Twilight Sparkle's analysis of her friends and their abilities.
    • Rainbow Dash makes a rainstorm to put out a building fire in Pennsylvania.
    • Pinkie Pie goes around Branson, Missouri solving problems and stopping crimes so quickly, she appears as a pink blur.
    • Rarity prevents a train from derailing in Chicago all while calmly working on her notebook.
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    • Fluttershy tending to Rainbow Dash's wounds after a battle.
    • Applejack may have just received a lasso and some throwing weapons, but that doesn't stop her from being just as great a hero as her friends.

Chapter 4 - to stand togEther

  • The Rainbooms are attacked by a Sentinel, they systemically work together to take it down.
    • Twilight telekinetically grabs some cars to take the brunt of its laser blasts.
    • Applejack uses her lasso to intercept a tendril aimed at Twilight.
    • When the Sentinel tosses Applejack into the air, Rainbow uses her wind powers to slow her decent.
    • Rainbow distracts the robot while Pinkie ties the other end of Applejack's lasso around a fire hydrant, when the Sentinel turns, the hydrant is torn out, dousing the machine with water. Twilight and Rainbow destroy the robot by striking it with the equivalent of a thousand lightning bolts.
  • The Rainbooms, the Teen Titans, and the X-Men versus several Sentinels.
    • The X-Men make their introduction with Cyclops decapitating a Sentinel with his Eye Beams, Storm destroying another with a thunderstorm, and Wolverine impaling a third one with his claws.
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    • When confronted with four Sentinels, Storm summons a tornado to separate them.
    • Colossus throws Wolverine at the first Sentinel, allow him to scale up the robot with his claws and hack away at its head. Colossus then throws a bunch of lampposts which Rarity encases with her diamond shards to turn into makeshift spears. The spears are sent into the Sentinel's eye. From the dark, Robin uses a grappling line to swing over and plant a device into the robot.
    • Twilight, Starfire, and Raven fly over two of the Sentinels, the trio unleash energy attacks to distract them while Applejack and Pinkie lasso the Sentinels. Rainbow electrifies the lasso, occupying the robots and allowing Rogue and Gambit to send an exploding manhole cover at the machines. Robin then proceeds to plant two more explosives in the bots.
    • Cyclops uses his optic blast to tear a hole in the fourth Sentinel's chest. Jean Grey uses her telekinesis to make the hole bigger and Robin proceeds to throw another charge into the robot.
    • With all charges set, Robin detonates the explosives, bringing the Sentinels down.

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