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Warning! In accordance with Wiki policy, all spoilers will be unmarked.

  • How does Riley get herself involved in the Big Hero 6 events? By saving Hiro from the Sore Loser minibot fighter!
    • Then Tadashi saves them both when the duo gets backed into a corner and after they are put in prison, he notices Riley's emotional fragility and after getting her to explain what's up, acts as a therapist to bring Riley to a stable enough state for her to spill her emotional turmoil to her parents.
    • Hiro implicates himself firmly in illegal bot fighting just so Riley won't get into any trouble.
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  • Fred defending Riley on having Empathetic powers. Fred might be a comic relief, but in this universe, his fanboy status means he believes in superheroes and would defend his friend from ever being called crazy.
  • Wasabi being able to put aside his grief enough to get through to Gogo but also being able to hold onto enough of it so he can empathize with her.
  • Fred's determination to help Riley get over her trauma. No progress yet but he's not going to give up on her!
  • After Hiro discounts his relationship with Riley, they end up left alone by Tip after the finding of the stolen microbots. Riley genuinely cows Hiro with the heat in her voice when she points out Cass invited her to dinner.
  • How do you make the car chase scene from the original film even more awesome? Make Wasabi's van this story's version of Slushious.
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  • Riley manages to use her powers to pull Hiro out of his negative emotions before he drowns.
  • The fight against the villains in Chapter 31:
    • Riley's focus, combined with the Boov tech in her headset, lets her seize control of Yokai's microbots from him, overpowering and beating him.
    • The whole team taking on the Gorg, combining their various skills to keep hitting it, no matter how many times it gets back up.
    • Oh, being inspired by his friends' determination to keep fighting no matter what, to fight back himself. He breaks free of Smek's hold on him and kicks his ass, then goes off to help the others.
  • Chapter 32 is built around one long action sequence, of the heroes against the Gorg's drone army.
  • Chapter 33 sees Baymax and Riley, with some support from Tip in the van, fighting the Gorg aboard his ship. If not for his backup in the form of the Boov, they'd have won.
  • In Chapter 34, Baymax fights the Gorg one-on-one using the martial arts learned from Riley, and has the upper hand the whole time.
    • At the same time, the others use the fact that the Gorg is losing as a reason for the Boov — who only follow him out of fear — to rebel against him. And during all this, Oh manages to intimidate Smek and send him running off like the Dirty Coward he is.
  • Chapter 35 has Baymax ending his fight with the Gorg by means of his defibrillator hands.
    • Riley manages to stun the Gorg with a powerful psychic blast to free Hiro.
  • The end of one story is the beginning of another. With Riley reawakening in the hospital, the Big Hero 9 are truly formed.

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