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Warning! In accordance with Wiki policy, all spoilers will be unmarked.

  • When Tadashi shows up in chapter 1, he rescues both Riley and Hiro...and proceeds to completely ignore Riley's presence until he smacks her in the face while berating his brother.
  • When Riley finds out Tip likes broccoli, she flatly states they can't be friends; Tip gets the giggles.
  • Due to...cultural differences, both Riley and Tip find each other's choices in Autumn fashion quite odd. Tip calls Riley "Some crazy northerner who's never seen the sun before" for wearing a tank top and flip flops, while Riley said Tip would become an Icicle in Minnesota if she's wearing a Hoodie and Jeans in San Fransokyo.
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  • Every time Hiro goes in She's Not My Girlfriend mode.
  • Like in canon, Bill Anderson is an Overprotective Dad.
  • In chapter 6, the kids need a fourth player for a hockey match at Riley's birthday party, and they end up roping in Baymax to serve as their goalie.
  • Riley's emotions are fully Shipper on Deck for Riley and Hiro.
    Riley: You guys seem like big fans of him.
    Joy: And you're not? (Riley blushes) Yeah, uh huh, I thought so.
    • When Riley first wakes up inside her own head and meets her emotions, she naturally screams. Which also makes them scream, complete with Fear jumping into Anger's arms (Anger promptly drops him).
    • The emotions are showing Riley the various sections of her mental control panel, and Riley is surprised to see that Anger's is mostly composed of every swear word she knows.
      Anger: I'm pretty sure that button over there lets me combine two or more of them. Isn't the English language grand?
  • When Fred makes his comment at the expo about "recycling" underwear, everyone can only stare at him in shock, with Disgust giving a Flat "What" as commentary.
  • Wasabi is the source of two in Chapter 14.
    • First off, Oh's Song of Death startles Wasabi into almost smashing into a light pole and then he has to explain human mourning to the alien. It goes...interesting.
    • After helping Gogo deal with her self-blame over Tadashi's death, Wasabi suggests they both hit the showers. Gogo asks why waste water? Wasabi reacts like you'd expect.
  • In Chapter 15, Fred walks in on Gogo and Wasabi...having been intimate. All three of them are least until Gogo shoves the possibility of a Relationship Upgrade aside.
    • The fact that Wasabi locked Oh in a closet so he and Gogo can have privacy.
  • Oh's confusion over what "excrement of a bovine" has to do with Tip's anger at Hiro for not being present to help Riley.
    • When Oh reveals himself (causing Wasabi to nearly crash. Again.), he explains he's here to help Riley. When Gogo points out that by doing this, he risks getting caught by Krei, Oh admits he Didn't Think This Through.
  • Chapter 17. Baymax diagnoses Hiro with "puberty" and began to explain the physiological and hormonal changes experienced by a child going through puberty, much to Hiro's horror, and Tip's amusement.
    • After Baymax walks out on the 3 leads while Riley and Hiro are arguing, Tip gets their attention again, and they promptly do the joint, "What?!?" on her.
  • Fear going into absolute panic mode on seeing the working microbots
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  • Trying to tell the police about Yokai and the microbots goes even worse than canon. Tip and Riley are absolutely no help to Hiro with their statements only making his story more unbelievable.
  • This exchange about Oh:
    Joy: At least his heart's in the right place.
    Fear: Does he even have a heart? Like really, does he? Or is he filled with candy on the inside? I'm actually curious.
    • To elaborate, this is in response to Oh trying to "save" a traffic cop from being run over.
  • Hiro is arguing with Tip on how he and Oh can make Baymax a "better superhero than Metro Man to take on Yokai. Cue Baymax behind him trying to pick up a soccer ball and repeatedly kicking it away.
  • Oh's Insistent Terminology about Baymax's force field being interrupted. Twice.
  • At the start of Chapter 21, Wasabi's neighbor confronts him, claiming to know his secret... that he has a pet in his apartment. Wasabi assures her there is no animal in there.
  • The kids "Disguise" for Oh. Even Disgust admits you'd have to be blind to fall for it.
  • When Wasabi tries to pick up Riley in his van after she reveals her powers to the group, she can't help but Lampshade the fact a stranger is asking her to get in a van, much to his consternation. Later, when the group picks up Tip for their intervention of Riley, she does the same thing. Again, much to Wasabi's embarrassment.
  • After the gang arrives at the Big Fancy House owned by Fred's family, Tip delivers the "I was convinced you lived under a bridge" line. Fred reveals that he's actually considered where to go if he had to live under a bridge.
  • Roxanne Ritchi apparently has a restraining order against Fred. He doesn't care, though; it was worth it to get her autograph on her first interview with Metro Man.
  • Heathcliff showing up at Riley's house to pick up her stuff. Jill and Bill's reactions are priceless!

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