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Tear Jerker / Empathy

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  • Chapter 13
    • The death of Tadashi Hamada. What makes it worse in this universe is a combination of factors, not the least of them is that the author includes a fake out in the story where you think for a second, Tadashi might make it out...but he doesn't.
      • Then there's everyone's reactions. Hiro struggles to get in. Cass collapses with an anguished yell as tears stream down her face. Honey Lemon (his girlfriend in this continuity) falls down in disbelief. And all this is witnessed by Riley Andersen who due to being The Empath, feels all of this grief, burned into her brain as a Cracked memory rolls into short term.
  • Chapter 14: A chapter of everyone dealing with Tadashi's death...or not dealing in some cases.
    • Hiro's where he was in canon, shutting out the world.
    • Honey's breaking down in grief, trying to keep awake to stay away from the fire she sees when she closes her eyes. When she admits this to Jill, she further explains that Tadashi was her first boyfriend ever, and that coming from a disadvantaged family (possibly being first generation), she didn't even tell her family about Tadashi.
    • Riley's shut down, traumatized by the fire like Honey, only worse due to her superpower. She's in Trauma, and her emotions comment that it's JUST like the depression she had in the move. Only this time, due to "overload", not even Sadness can help her now.
    • And finally, Gogo's blaming herself. Avoiding the others and lashing out from her anger that she didn't do anything to stop Tadashi.
  • Fred tries to get through to Riley...and fails. It's obvious that he's devastated and Disgust's sneering about how he obviously can't help Riley doesn't help matters, even if Fred can't hear her.
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  • Gogo's whole attitude about her relationship with Wasabi. She refuses to believe they can be anything more than friends because of her own personality and her desperate desire not to lose anyone else.
  • Riley reveals that even while she was shut down, she could sense Hiro's depression, which she describes as a blackness eating him alive from the inside. Tip is noticeably horrified.
    • When the girls visit Hiro, his ultimate response to their attempts at comfort is that there's nothing for him left in the world; Tip is outright disgusted for his blatant disregard for everyone in his life including the utterly heartbroken Riley. Hiro notices how upset she is but doesn't really apologize.
  • After the insanity that is chasing Yokai, Hiro suffers a (thankfully short-term) Heroic Blue Screen of Death when it hits him that he put the most important people in his life in danger...and that he nearly saw Riley die right in front of him.
  • Chapter 24: Hiro and most of the rest of her friends don't want Riley to go with them to confront Yokai. As Riley is quick to point out, it's not because they're worried about her: it's because they're worried that if something happens to her, it will hurt them. Riley decides that if they don't want her help, then she's done, and walks away. Tip, after some scathing words of her own, is quick to follow her, leaving the others confused, angry, and on edge...right before their fight with Yokai.
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  • Despite not intending for Tadashi's death, Callaghan still says exactly the wrong thing about the event (with exact movie dialogue no less) and triggers Hiro to sic Baymax on him.
  • The battle on the island goes even worse than canon, what with the Gorg and its Misplaced Retribution and Honey's near break down over Tadashi's death and the collapse of pretty much all structures on the island.
  • Honey joins Hiro in wanting to see the person behind Tadashi's death dead and insults Gogo's confused feelings about romance.
  • Chapter 35: With the Gorg's ship falling apart around them, Baymax tells the others to run while he holds the Gorg off. Tip and Oh have to physically drag Hiro away, adamant as he is to not leave Baymax behind.

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