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Warning! In accordance with Wiki policy, all spoilers will be unmarked.

  • The whole Hiro/Riley relationship.
    • While they aren't nearly as "romantic" as Hiro/Riley, watching the budding friendship between Riley and Tip is also really sweet. They both came to San Fransokyo strangers in a new land, and they're nearly as different as Night and Day. But they bonded over their similar situations, and in time became best friends in all things. School, leisure, and even discussing their problems.
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  • Riley isn't a big robot fan in this universe, but when she meets Baymax, she says that he's different from them, and gives him a welcome hug.
  • Riley's utter joy at seeing Tip come to her school.
  • Chapter 6 reveals that Riley is still speaking to her friend Meg, since the film wasn't clear if they're still friends.
  • The entire chapter 6, "Breaking the ice".
    • It begins with Riley being surprised at the Ice Rink with her other birthday present: an afternoon at the rink.
    • Then there's the sweet moment where Riley teaches her best friends to skate.
    • Riley's calm happiness at winning a hockey game again with her friends.
      • Heartwarming in Hindsight also gives this a new dimension, as this moment was where Riley formed a new Core Memory for Friendship Island.
    • The Kiss. You know the one.
  • When Riley is inside her mind, she sees the new Core memory for Family island, which is thankfully the same in this universe as the canon universe. But in talking about it, Joy and Sadness smile at each other, confirming once and for all that the full series of events of Inside Out did happen, and Joy did make peace with Sadness afterward too.
    • There's something surprisingly sweet seeing The Perfectionist Disgust being the emotion who's the biggest fan of BOTH Hiro and Go Go.
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  • Go Go's total willingness to play Cool Big Sis for Riley and Tip; unlike with Hiro, the younger brother of her close friend Tadashi, Go Go doesn't have any real reason to play mentor to Riley and Tip but does so gladly and takes Riley's Hero Worship of her in stride with only a hint of amusement.
  • Honey and Gogo getting the help they need to deal with their emotions in the aftermath of Tadashi's death. They've still got a long way to go before they'll be okay again but they've taken their first steps.
  • Fred's desire to help Riley. He's going to do anything and everything he can to help her.
  • The fact that someone anonymously paid for Riley's grief counseling, with the implication it was Fred.
    • Confirmed in Chapter 22. Riley gives him a quick hug in thanks.
  • Chapter 16
    • Riley's epiphany to the flip side of her powers. While collective negative emotions could overwhelm her, positive emotions could also help her stay stable as well. Thus, she took a deep breath, purged her collective pain, and finally began to react to stimuli again the best way she could: a cleansing cry.
      • Her sincere thanks to everyone who helped her through it all.
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    • Oh's desire to help Riley. He truly considers her one of his friends, whose hospitality he wishes to repay.
  • When Hiro's depression makes him discount his relationship with Riley in Chapter 17, nearly driving her to tears, Tip is furious at him.
  • Cass hugging Riley and saying thank you for helping Hiro. Riley then return the hug and Cass invites her to dinner. It become more heartwarming since Riley (and her emotions) can sense Cass's happiness. Even before this, when Cass is hugging Hiro, Riley can sense Cass's warmth. Joy pretty much sums it up.
    Joy: Okay, I know we're in a rush and all, but seeing this is so awesome!
  • After a nice talk with Cass about Hiro not being there for Riley, Hiro and Riley end up reconciling with Riley showing empathy for Hiro's loss and Hiro insisting that while Tadashi may have been his brother and that might make his pain bigger than Riley's, Tadashi was still her friend and that means at least some of the pain that overloaded her powers is real.
  • During the move to Hiro's garage, Oh tried to save traffic cop that he thought was about to be run over.
    Joy: At least his heart is in the right place.
  • After the Yokai chase, Hiro is blue-screening as he realizes just how much danger he put his friends and Riley in. Riley wraps him in a hug and reassures him that she's just fine.
  • Riley's sensei manages to make her realize that while she has a right to be upset at the rest of the crew for making decisions for her, their reasoning comes from a place of care and protectiveness. Then when she senses Hiro is having a breakdown, she immediately wants to go to him and sends Tip to check on the others.
  • Riley uses her meditation technique to take Hiro onto the mental plane to help him let go of his determination to murder Callaghan and she shows him that the people we love never leave us; we only need to reach out to them.
  • This time around, Honey is the one who needs to see Tadashi's inventing montage...and it works just as well on her as the movie version worked on Hiro, especially since in this continuity, Honey was the first person Baymax scanned and her joy over Tadashi's success led to what was implied to be their first kiss and their first date.

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