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Tear Jerker / The Empty Room

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The Empty Room is a big roller coaster of emotions, featuring many examples of tear jerker moments.All these tear jerker moments are spoilers, so read under your own risk.

  • In Chapter 1
    • The sole description of the empty room brings a nostalgic sensation, for not calling it a very sad vision.
    • When Princess Celestia realizes she had a filly, who has been missing for a long time and she did not even remember about her.

  • In Chapter 2
    • When part of the mane 6 suspect Luna might be responsible of the problem, and seeing how Luna says nothing in her own defense. This shows us how Luna is aware of how no pony likes her.
    • For some bronies, reading how Trixie gets devoured by the Guardian.

  • In Chapter 12
    • Daisy Sprout has followed Trixie's career through the years all while Trixie never even knew Daisy existed.
    • Trixie writing a message to her family with magic, thinking that they would never see her again.

  • In Chapter 18
    • The Heroic Sacrifice performed by Lyra.
    • The Afterlife reunion both Lyra and Bon Bon have at the end of said chapter.

  • In Chapter 19
    • Lyra's parents going too far about their daughter's sexual orientation.
    • Nightmare Flare turning back into Princess Celestia and realizing her actions.

  • In Chapter 20
    • The terrible fight between Misty and Jade/Rarity against Nightmare Winter is maddening, to the point we think Misty dies. Kenshiro was sad after reading that.
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    • Gilda's apparent death after the fight with Nightmare Autumn. I say apparent because it was just implied.

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