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Tear Jerker / The End of the Affair

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For the My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Fanfic:

Better brace yourself because there’s quite a few to get through. Spoilers unmarked.
  • Hachiman's life in general. He's a loner whose only real source of human contact is his sister, lives an unstable life of part-time jobs to scrape by and deep down he is shown to miss his friends but is unable to get past his own cynicism towards himself and life in general to try and rebuild a relationship with them.
  • Yukino's life isn't much better. Her sister is dead and it's implied that, like Hachiman, she had spent her life with little if any meaningful social contact. She's pretty much dedicated the rest of her life to living up her memory up to and including marrying her sister's fiancée and having his kid. It's later shown that the marriage was entirely one of convenience and it's clear that she and her husband are at best distant and at worse outright hostile towards each other.
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  • The closest Yukino comes to giving a Love Confession to Hachiman in chapter 1 when she states how much their first meeting resembles that of a romantic comedy.
  • When Hachiman meets up with Yui, it’s shown that he genuinely regrets how much he hurt her by rejecting her love confession at graduation.
  • During Hachiman's meetings with Yukino, she admits that everything she's done with her life up until now was for the sake of being remembered and that the brief years in high school were probably the happiest moments of her life. Hachiman likewise realises that it had been too many years and that nothing could repair the lost possibility between them.
  • When Hachiman finally hears that Haruno is dead and he spends the rest of the day kicking himself over selfishly enjoying Yukino's company without even bothering to find out Yukino's own troubles.
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  • One of the worst moments is probably when Hachiman sees that Yukino is pregnant and realises that it was only due to finally cracking under the pressure of trying to live up to her sister that Yukino was willing to betray her ideals to sleep with him. When he rather bitterly remarks that she could have used any man for such a purpose, Yukino only says that she wanted it to be with someone meaningful to her.
  • The rather poignant moment where Yukino admits she made a mistake in her choices in her life and has to take responsibility for it, Hachiman wonders whether she's referring to the time they almost slept together or that she went too far in trying to live up to her sister and ending up pregnant with the child of a man she doesn't love.
  • Yukino deleting Hachiman's number from her mobile phone and him doing the same on his phone. It's a rather small act but it's symbolic of the fact that it was the end of whatever it was they had together.
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  • At the end when Hachiman finally admits to himself that he loves Yukino.


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