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Heartwarming / End of Hatred, Beginning of Hope

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Heartwarming Moments from End of Hatred, Beginning of Hope:

Chapter 1 - Emergence of the heroes
  • Count Logan/Beast Boy requesting the Mane Six help his friends. Contrast this with Dakari-King Mykan's portrayal of Beast Boy who continuously blamed the other Titans for his problems and accusing them of not caring about him, it seems that in this story, the hero we all know and love is still in there, despite the current situation.
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  • Rarity helping with Ben Grimm and Alicia Masters' wedding by paying for Ben to drive her to her errands and offering to make Alicia's wedding dress.

Chapter 2 - to acQuire knowledge

  • Steven Strange complimenting Twilight's magical ability.
  • The moments showing Jean Grey and Scott Summer's happy marriage.
  • Diana Prince and Ororo Munroe talking about the latter's claustrophobia.
  • Rogue and Gambit celebrating their anniversary.
  • Matt Murdock and Kurt Wagner praying at church with a nun, Mother Maggie, present.
  • Colossus and Geoforce talking about their respective sisters.

Chapter 3 - to a better Understanding

  • Rainbow Dash comforting Fluttershy over the latter's insecurities over her powers.
  • Linkara makes an appearance when The Rainbooms are lost in Minnesota.
  • Terra's relationship with her friends, Jackie and Jillian is very touching.
    • When Terra reveals herself as a mutant, the two girls are very accepting with this fact.
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  • Meta example: Legendbringer's speech on Jackie and Jillian.
    "Ok, so about Jackie and Jillian. Well, for one thing, I found out that the certain author only used two background characters for this. I mean, I know we are not unaccustomed to it, but I thought they had names, had a body, and a personality! Let me put it this way. It would be like if I was a person new to the brony scene, wanting to do a commentary on a fic, and I encounter Derpy for the first time. I would be expecting that the show had a great character, only to find out that she only had her first appearance in the first episode, in the background. I would be pulling my hair out! Well, seeing that I had nothing to work from except that they are just stereotypical rich girls, I had to work on my own here."
  • The author dedicating this chapter to Stan Lee.

Chapter 4 - to stand togEther

  • Twilight and Applejack's talk, especially the part of Applejack being the pillar of the Mane Six.
  • Starfire eagerly greeting the Rainbooms when they first meet.

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