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Awesome / Dragon Age: Origins Awakening

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Warning: Spoilers Off applies to these pages. Proceed at your own risk.

  • If you're playing as a Female Noble who became queen, the Warden has been effectively retired for the past six months while honeymooning, attending court, and aiding in the rebuilding of Ferelden. Yet moments after she arrives at Vigil's Keep, she begins mowing down countless darkspawn left, right and center, performing flying takedowns of Ogres and managing to save almost every NPC present as well. We'd like to see the Empress of Orlais do that!
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  • Oghren gets one with his Joining. While everyone who takes it and survives passes out, Oghren chugs the goblet and lets out a hearty burp, treating it as merely another one of his Gargle Blasters.
    Oghren: Not bad.
  • There is a quest to free young noblewoman kidnapped by bandits. If you reveal yourself as the Commander of the Grey one of the thugs practically wets his pants in fear. Then you send half of the bandits running for their life by simply using intimidation option. Your reputation is so fearsome that one of them prefers to jump off a cliff rather than face you!
    • The persuade option is just as awesome. You convince them to bring out the hostage and send her over first.
      Bandit: You got the girl, now hand over the money!
      Warden: No... That girl was the only thing keeping you alive.
  • The Kal'Hirol questline has one. A dwarf named Dailan inspires the thaig's casteless to hold the line in order to give the rest of the dwarves enough time to reach Orzammar safely. Not only they managed to contain the darkspawn during five days, suplementary materials mention that House Hirol, the family who founded Kal'Hirol, still exist during the game's current timeline thanks to their sacrifice.
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  • When you finally beat the Mother, a cutscene plays where the Warden finishes her off. Warriors and Rogues pull out a dagger, perform a flying leap and stab her in the mouth. Mages conjure a big ball of lightning and sling it in her face. Definitely a nice cutscene to end with regardless of your class.
  • If the Warden upgraded everything and decided to save Amaranthine during the endgame, it's revealed that Vigil's Keep managed to hold out for over a week before the darkspawn finally breached its walls. Even then, the soldiers stood their ground and despite suffering heavy losses, eventually drove the horde into a full retreat.
    • If left behind during the above and with his personal quest completed, Oghren defends the gate by taking on two Ogres simultaneously, buying enough time for the soldiers to retake the courtyard. He eventually passes out from from blood-loss and wakes up a week later, amazed to discover he's been heralded as a hero.
    • Likewise with Anders - he fights valiantly and (if he survives) is hailed as a hero and then goes and loses a drinking contest. If he dies, he gets an (obviously offscreen) Dying Moment of Awesome where they find literally hundreds of dead darkspawn around his corpse, all dead by magic, and him dead with an arrow through his neck. He gets better.


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