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aka: This Is It

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  • The fact that the three puppets go through such sudden, psychological horror and still survive. Well, maybe not the Duck Guy, but he was pretty damn close.
  • The clock singing "Let's go on a journey..." in a rich opera voice. The whole space-like area during that part is pretty cool-looking too.
    • Then it becomes hilarious as his voice breaks just as he finishes singing.
      Tony: Let's go on a journey, a journey through time, the time is changing all the time, it's time to go to TIE-IME!
      • Red Guy calmly talking (well, singing) right back to the clock, telling him frankly that he and his friends aren't in the mood. Since "Time" was the first sequel and debuted nearly three years after the first went viral, those familiar with the original may have found it particularly satisfying after how passive the puppets are in the first.
        Red Guy: But we don't really want to. / We're going to miss our show.
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    • The ending lines of "Time." As in the first video, some semblance of normalcy is restored at the last second, but Tony assures the puppets that time will have its way with them sooner or later.
      Yellow Guy: Make it stop!
      Tony: It's out of my hands; I'm only a clock!
      Don't worry, I'm sure you'll be fine,
      But eventually everyone runs out of time!
  • Meta example: the Kickstarter reaching, and then exceeding, its goal two days before the end. It's especially awesome considering the damage caused by the credit card fraud and the fact that the fandom kept going even when people started to think it wouldn't happen.
    • This Original Flavor ask blog post summarizes it perfectly; Tony arrives at the Big Bad Money Man's place and hands him the money...only to knock him out with the suitcase it's in and escape with everyone else.
  • As soon as the caterpillar...thing from the third video hatches from the boiled egg after the Yellow Guy's run-in with Shrignold's cult, the Duck Guy squashed it.
    "Pesky bee!"
  • In the fourth video, Red Guy finally gets fed up with his questions not being answered and smacks the Computer. It goes badly for him, but the effort was good.
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  • Another meta example: The production value and the effect of the videos. The sets are detailed and mostly fabric, totally creating the kids' show environment before getting creepy, the puppets are unique and well-designed, and when things get weird (especially the virtual world in episode 4), the effects are good and suitably creepy without resorting to cheap shock value. Everything tells a message, too, that's been open to interpretation, but even with that aside, the series is highly entertaining just for its style.
  • In DHMIS 5, the Bird Guy recognizes that something is wrong and fights back for once, slapping the camera aside and shouting that he doesn't want to do this anymore. Too bad this gets him killed.
  • In DHMIS 6, Yellow Guy flat out refuses to go along with anything the creepy lamp tells him and loudly demands "NO MORE SONGS!" Later, when Tony makes a brief reappearance, Yellow Guy is quick to call him out.
    Tony: Stuff from the past went into a mystery!
    Yellow Guy: (both frightened and a little ticked off) You made me die!
    Tony: But look a—
    Colin: Computer!
    • Red Guy unplugging the machine set up to torture Yellow Guy, seemingly in defiance of Roy.
      • Also notice that, while the final scene appears to show that the puppets will have to repeat everything all over again, after he unplugs the machine, the puppets' colours change to their favourite colours from the first episode, and the room is cleared of all the various creepy and/or dangerous things that it was filled with in the first video. This implies that, though they'll still have to deal with the teachers, they now have gained the ability to be what they want to be rather than having to go along with whatever the teacher says. Further supporting this, the calendar finally moves forward a day to June 20th. The puppets have finally become able to move forward in life.
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  • For one other meta moment, there's a subtle achievement that you probably won't notice on your first viewing: with a couple of debatable exceptionsnote , the series has absolutely no jumpscares! So many horror pieces nowadays, including (and perhaps especially) big-budget Hollywood productions, rely on cheap jumpscares to produce fear in the audience; here, the series is able to produce fear without any of that, first with the sudden shift from innocent kids' show to horror and then, once the twist becomes known, the looming dread of when the shift is coming in each episode.
  • As of July 2020, it has been officially confirmed that the series is being picked up as a TV show, with the original creators still at the helm!

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