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Awesome / Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith

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  • Kirak giving Vader a Curb-Stomp Battle when Vader comes to kill him and take his lightsaber crystal.
  • Vader destroying an entire town to defeat Kirak.
  • Jocasta Nu, the Jedi archivist, survived Order 66 and returns to the occupied Jedi temple to recover data to start a secret Jedi school.
    • Vader comes across a hidden Jedi storeroom full of artifacts guarded by a security droid. He throws his lightsaber and the droid catches it.
  • Jocasta, in spite of what we were lead to assume so far, makes the ultimate selfless sacrifice in deleting everything she's worked for in the Archives so that the Empire can't use it for their own perverted purposes.
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  • Jocasta attacks Vader with a BFG that converts her lightsaber into a laser weapon.
  • Barr managing to kill not one but two Inquisitors by initiating Order 66 in their clone escorts, resulting in them attacking the fallen Jedi with the same sudden ferocity as they unleashed on the Jedi originally. Further more, even though he dies, he gets exactly what he wanted: laying the beginnings for a rebellion against the Empire.
  • In issue 20, when Sidious rewards Vader with Padme's Naboo Cruiser, he asks his apprentice to go on a mission to Alderaan. Vader flat out says no to his master, telling him he wants a planet first before executing any other tasks the Emperor requires him to do, and Sidious grants him his request. First of all, Vader has the guts to flat out refuse an order from his master, aka the ruler of the Galaxy and also someone who can easily kill him as demonstrated in the very first issue of this comic (this will not be the last time Vader will be this blunt toward Sidious). Second, the planet Vader asked for is Mustafar, which proves that despite what happened there, Vader is not the least traumatised by the experience (proving his strong will) and is willing to bend it to his advantage (remembering when he goes to bleed his lightsaber's crystal) to the point of asking Mustafar as his personal planet. Sidious is impressed by his apprentice and lets him do as he pleases. It doesn't stop there: Palpatine even assists him in his project by assigning some crew to Vader and gifting him a Sith Artifact.
    Palpatine: You are truly a perfect Sith, Lord Vader.
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  • In issue 23, after much trial and error, Momin is able to achieve what was impossible for the Sith across both canons: pierce the veil of time and resurrect himself.
    Momin: "Hello me."
  • In issue 24, the overwhelmed Imperial forces are attacked by native Mustafarians and are preparing to evacuate but Vader orders them to stay and fight. He then uses the Force to send waves of lava at the attackers and then charges at them with his lightsaber. Inspired by his example, the stormtroopers fight back and defeat the attackers.
    Stormtrooper: All personnel prepare to evacuate!
    Vader: This is Vader. Belay that order. There will be no evacuation. There will be no retreat. You will destroy the attackers. You will teach them the meaning of Empire. Here. I will show you how.

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