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We'll get references to Star Wars: Purge from Legends, possibly even recanonizing some parts of it.
Rebels already made a nod to it by using the same design for Vader's cracked mask from when he got his mask cracked in Purge.
  • There's an ISB officer in The Tyrant's Fist that they could introduce. Since Dark Lord of the Sith would be released alongside the airing of Rebels Season 4 and Kallus is no longer an Imperial, they could simultaneously introduce Major Namada in both here and Rebels like they did with Fenn Rau in Kanan and Rebels.
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  • Vader goes after a Jedi rendezvous, but doesn't get his mask cracked.

The release of an issue that reveals new Inquisitors will be simultaneous with the release of a Rebels episode that introduces the same Inquisitors.
Or at the very least, both pieces of media could go in-depth about the Inquisition at the same time.

Vader's Castle is where Jedi go to die, because both captured Jedi are sent there to be killed and that's where the training of the Inquisitors begin.
Plus, it would make sense that the Inquisitors bleed their kyber crystals there, considering what we've seen with Vader. Though how the Inquisitors get a hold of these crystals (because with their skill level, there's no way they'll be able to defeat anyone beyond a Padawan rank, unless killing Padawans is what they do).

The Jedi in Issue #13 is Barriss.
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Darth Momin's device was built on Malachor
The intended effects of Momin's device sound eerily similar to the ruined Sith Temple that Kanan, Ezra, and Ahsoka find on Malachor in the Season 2 finale of Rebels, surrounded by fields of ash, along with countless Jedi and Sith Taken for Granite.
  • If true, it would also stand to reason that the spirit of the Sith Holocron recovered in the same episode was Lady Shaa herself.

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