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  • Remember that Christina Grimmie was originally just doing covers in her bedroom. That she became so much more than that is pretty amazing.
  • The sheer fact that Christina Grimmie ranked third place in The Voice.
  • While her death was heartbreaking her brother managed to tackle the gunman to subdue him.
Original Songs
  • In the "Advice" music video the brother of an Ill Girl creates some posters. One saying, "DON'T GIVE UP" and another one saying, "STAY STRONG." Doubles as heartwarming.
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  • Her beautiful song "With Love". It's all about her and her relationship with her religion.
  • In-Universe for her music video of "Tell My Mama". Everyone claps for her at her audition because of her melodious, yet powerful voice.
    • Also in the music video Christina Grimmie gets magical powers! Yay!
  • How shrugging could be awesome and swag? By being a Christina Grimmie song, of course!
  • "Invisible". The haunting single was released by her family in February 2017, more than half a year after her death. It's already a powerful anthem about not letting anyone stand in your way...but the context of her death gives it a new meaning entirely. It's as if Christina is speaking from beyond the grave, telling her killer (who killed himself just after her) that not even death can silence her...she will live on.
    I won't be another ghost, yeah, I won't be invisible...
  • Her cover of "Titanium" is pretty epic. Her voice is absolutely powerful.
  • On her blind audition for The Voice she does an awe-inspiring performance of "Wrecking Ball".

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