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Heartwarming / Christina Grimmie

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  • The fact that Christina Grimmie calls out to people in her song, "Ugly" and tells them to be confident with themselves.
  • The entire music video for her song, "Advice". The music video features a male teenager who seems to be worrying about his younger sister who's in the hospital. He creates posters for her, one of which says, "DON'T GIVE UP", which is absolutely adorable.
  • Her song, "With Love" is full of this. It's all about someone who always takes care of her and loves her unconditionally.note 
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  • Her song, "My Anthem". She's basically singing all about her fans and how she wouldn't be here without them.
  • “Pressure”, in a way, once you realize who it’s dedicated to.
  • Christina was known to be a huge anime, video game, and manga fan and she's known to be a huge fan of Tokyo Ghoul note . When the news of her death circulated, the author of Tokyo Ghoul, Sui Ishida, decided to pay tribute.
  • As a Crowning Heartwarming Moment or adorkable, you just have to watch such happy moments of her. Here's some of them [1] and [2]. Stars could hear her up in the clouds.
    Christina: What kind of guys are you into? Huh... male.
  • Adam Levine (her coach on The Voice) paid for her funeral.
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  • Two days prior to what would have been her 23rd birthday, Christina's family released a music video for her new song, Invisible. This video showcases Christina's love for video games and anime. At the end of the video, Christina's partner, Lucas, named after her keyboard, gives Christina the sweetest little hug.
  • The family is just so loving. According to Christina's brother Marcus, the two siblings basically never fought. He and her parents have also always been so supportive of Christina.
  • All of Christina's friendships are so genuine and divine. Sarah, Lauren, Stephen, Cass, Bobby, Jonathan, Bria, Moriah, Wesley, and Marcus know Christina better than anyone, and they can all go on for hours about how much they enjoyed spending time with Christina, and vice versa.
  • Christina's love for Team Grimmie. She would shed tears and pray strenuously for any one of them.


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