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  • At one point Ted DiBiase bought André the Giant's contract from Heenan for $1,000,000 (with the intent of having Andre defeat WWF World Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan and then surrender the title to DiBiase). After WrestleMania IV, Heenan bought back Andre's contract...for $100,000. Heenan managed to make $900,000 despite things not working out for DiBiase. note  "The Brain," indeed.
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  • His commentary of the 1992 Royal Rumble. The most star-studded rumble in WWF/E history, and the most-memorable thing about it remains Bobby Heenan's commentary. WWE recognized that this was probably the strongest performance of Heenan's career as a commentator - and included the entire Rumble match on the DVD set dedicated to him.
  • While Goldberg beating Hulk Hogan for the WCW Heavyweight Championship on Monday Nitro is certainly a Moment of Awesome for Goldberg himself, Heenan gets one for his commentary of the moment. He channels his inner Jim Ross from the moment Karl Malone hit Curt Hennig with the Diamond Cutter to the immediate aftermath of Goldberg getting the clean pin on Hogan, going absolutely crazy on the mic and perfectly capturing the attitude of the fans during that memorable show.
    Heenan: [after Goldberg levels Hogan with a Spear and the crowd goes crazy] Okay! There's part one! Now finish him off! Finish him off! [Goldberg signals for the Jackhammer, driving the crowd to a fever pitch] This is it! This is it! Your career is on the line here! Do it! DO IT!!
  • See his CMOF page: on his Hall of Fame induction he accidentally refers to "WWE" as the "WWF" (which to this day is utterly forbidden due to the lawsuit by the World Wildlife Fund) and is called on it. Heenan's tear causes the celebrants to absolutely lose it.
    • The quote he finished his speech with, which doubles as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming:
    Heenan: "There's only one thing missing: I wish Monsoon was here."
  • Despite his frail state, and inability to speak, Heenan still made appearances at wrestling conventions when his health allowed for it.
  • Returning at [[Wrestling/Wrestlemania Wrestlemania X-Seven]] to do commentary with "Mean" Gene Okerlund for the Gimmick Battle Royale. The crowd cheered him like the legend he is, and his chemistry with Mean Gene showed he Still Got It.

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