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Tear Jerker / Bobby Heenan

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  • Bobby's reaction to Gorilla Monsoon's death. He announced it on WCW television even despite warnings from WCW management to not do it, and even broke down crying. Then there's his acceptance speech for the WWE Hall of Fame.
  • His health problems in his later years, which resulted in muting one of the greatest talkers in wrestling. His illness caused his body to be deformed and — in a cruel twist of irony — resulted in some saying his head actually did resemble a weasel. Sadly, Bobby passed away suddenly on September 17, 2017. The other twists of irony: He was a smooth talker to the incredibly hot, hot, HOT (wolf-whistle) HOT ladies, but was loyal to his wife, Cynthia, until his death; and for as cowardly as his ring character was, running at even the slightest hint of trouble, he faced his final opponent — cancer, one that was far more vicious, cruel and deadly than anyone he ever faced in the ring — with incredible courage and determination, even though he likely knew he would not win.
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  • In kayfabe, Heenan turned a tearjerker moment into one of his comedic bits. After Jamison (a nerd he always loved to taunt) began choking and Hacksaw Jim Duggan saved him with the Heimlich maneuver (just before a cutaway to a match, no less), Jamison was taken offstage for medical care. Several minutes later, a shaken, tearful Heenan came on with somber news: "He's alive!" (To which Vince McMahon of course said, "Of course he's alive" before commenting on how important it is to know the Heimlich maneuver.)
  • After his last show for the WWF, he went back to his hotel with Monsoon. They were on the same floor and cried together for an hour in the hall.

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