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  • His entire run as PROGRESS Champion. Going from someone who was absolutely beloved by the fans but unable to win a match in Progress to the most hated man in the company collecting an aggressive winning streak and doing it all believably. Havoc transformed from a lovable loser into a chilling compelling monster who loathed the fans, appearing to be completely unstoppable thanks to his power stable Regression and his habit of brutally crossing the line in order to win. His character drew a lot of new fans to Progress and his 602 day reign as champion really built up the prestige of the belt. If you want to see a glimpse of that, here's a couple of promos he did during that reign. They are spine-tingling.
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  • After a successful title defence at Chapter 27, Marty Scurll proclaimed himself the greatest Progress Champion ever. Spontaneously and immediately, the crowd began chanting for Jimmy. Havoc might have verbally abused fans for almost two years and taken great delight in hurting wrestlers and Jim Smallman but Havoc’s record-setting championship reign and sheer hard work and talent is still recognised by the fans as the bar that no other Progress champion has touched yet.
  • The main event of Chapter 36. Mark Haskins, Tommy End, and Marty Scurll for the Progress World Championship. ESPECIALLY the ending, where Marty Scurll proceeded to annihilate three referees with his umbrellas because End and Haskins kicked out of his pinning attempts. Jim Smallman gets in the ring to check on them, but Scurll is about to come after him... and then Jimmy's music hits and Havoc comes to the ring, after a year plus being gone. Havoc flips Marty the bird, drills him with a Acid-Rainmaker, and bails, which eventually allows Mark Haskins to catch Scurll in the Sharpshooter and force him to tap out.
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  • Chapter 41's main event saw Jimmy vs Will Ospreay, for the first time since their brutal year-long feud and Ospreay winning the Progress title from Havoc at Chapter 20. After the match, Havoc apologised - albeit flippantly - for how he’d previously tortured Ospreay and then sincerely asked for his help against British Strong Style. Ospreay shook his hand to a huge cheer but then viciously beat down Havoc, turning Ospreay heel for the first time ever in Progress. He was unexpectedly joined by former tag team partner Paul Robinson, who gave him a barbed-wire bat to use against Havoc which Ospreay gleefully did. A brilliant shocking culmination of intricate storytelling going back years in Progress and a terrific lead in to 2017’s shows.
  • Winning his Loser Leaves Town "Fans Bring The Weapons" match at Chapter 46 with (a recently Heel Turned) Will Ospreay with BARBED WIRE ACID RAINMAKERS (as in, he wrapped barbed wire around his forearm before hitting him with it) during possibly the most insane match in Progress history, expelling him from Progress. And the crowd was singing along with Havoc's music at the beginning of the match.
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  • The completely unexpected ending to his feud with Mark Haskins in PROGRESS: they turned heel and teamed up with Mark's wife Vicky.


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