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Trivia / Bobby Heenan

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  • The Cast Showoff: Several of his 90s-era post match commentaries featured 'The Brain Scan', which simply involved Heenan doodling a famous cartoon character like Woody Woodpecker or Dennis the Menace on the show's Telestrator while putting down a Face wrestler.
  • Old Shame: Later in life, Bobby absolutely refused to discuss Dick the Bruiser on a personal level, and mentioned him as little as possible. Nobody is quite sure why. According to Jim Cornette, the animosity stemmed from poor payoffs as a manager and mistreatment (although not sexual) when Bobby was a ring boy.
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  • So My Kids Can Watch: He may have hated working for WCW, but slumming it made it easier to see his daughter, who went to school in Atlanta.


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