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Spoilers are unmarked.

  • Both the fights and Le Parkour in the 1491 Animus segments are impressive. The execution for instance; it's non-stop, think on your feet, get-the-hell-away-from-pursuers running action.
    • The first Leap of Faith by Aguilar from a building under construction is amazing to see in live action. What's more awesome? That's not CGI; Damien Walters (Fassbender's stunt double) really did the 125-foot drop, and it's now one of the biggest stuntman free-falls ever done to this day.
    • The last Leap of Faith is so powerful it breaks the Animus.
    • Aguilar and Maria form one hell of a Battle Couple when attacking Torquemada and Ojeda to retrieve the Apple of Eden from them.
  • The Abstergo Foundation, Madrid Foundation, learns why it is not a good idea to house so many assassins who've been affected by the Bleeding Effect (i.e. they learned skills from their ancestors in a matter of days). They coordinate a prison breakout to take out their captors and take control of the facility. They use what they have on hand to control one area and start a commotion. Another person gets into the control room to facilitate movement where they can get their hands on more weaponry and take out more guards and control more areas. While they suffer fatalities, they ultimately carry the day.
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  • Near the end, Callum is surrounded by holograms/ghosts of previous assassins in his bloodline, including his mother. When they start talking to him, it appears they've all come back from the dead to induct him in the Brotherhood through the Animus.
  • The final victory: Alan Rikkin proudly displays the Apple of Eden to a big formal gathering of other Templars. Then Callum sneaks up behind him, slits his throat, takes the Apple of Eden, and disappears. As a final mocking touch, he leaves a genuine apple in its place.
    • Not just any apple, but the one he was given in the cafeteria.


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