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  • The Oner of Lorraine fighting several mooks in an apartment and a staircase well, in an effort to protect Spyglass. It's been cited by many as a standout scene in the film. It's a brilliantly choreographed symphony of violence that is on par with something seen in John Wick or The Raid. The fight is absolutely brutal, with Lorraine using everything at her disposal to maul her opponents. Doubles as an awesome moment for Charlize Theron, who proved herself capable enough in handling her own stuntwork that they were able to add the oner in the first place.
  • Spyglass himself has two moments, namely memorizing the entire list of double-agents, ensuring his own value and coming to Lorraine's aid during the above-mentioned fight, getting in one good hit against the blond henchman.
  • The blond KGB agent is the only one to beat Lorraine in a fight, kicking her butt at the theater. Later, he manages to survive the hotel fight and run down Lorraine's car.
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  • Lorraine's final confrontation with Bremovych and his goons, getting rid of half a dozen men and Bremovych himself with a gun she hid in an ice bucket.
    Lorraine: I never worked for you. YOU worked for me.
  • Lorraine feeding the KGB false information and helping the Americans facilitate the collapse of the Berlin Wall by acting as a MI6 agent deserves mention.


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